Fall out with dad…

Jun 20, 2022

From a DM:

Hi there! Looks like something happened with Jim Edmonds and his daughter Haley Edmonds’s. She’s unfollowed both Kortni and Jim. Posted this for Father’s Day.


  1. Bravofan in STL

    I thought the same thing! Maybe she got cut off!

    Also can we talk about Jim and Kortnie having a live in nanny when the little kids are maybe at his house one week a month???

  2. STLHousewife

    Should also mention that Aspen & the twins were with Meghan on Father’s Day

    • Jim ed

      Maybe he was working out of town.

  3. WYKYK

    Let’s face it. He is toxic. If this new wife thinks she is his final wife, she’s a fool.


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