Country beef?!

Jun 20, 2022

From: Country Tea

Subject: Country beef!

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This weekend there was a country music festival on the Jersey Shore. The headliners included Walker Hayes and FGL. According to my local country radio station DJ Walker Hayes was telling them he had no idea if FGL would even show up, that they do not get along at all, they can’t even take pictures together. I know we already know this, but I thought it was interesting how open he was about their feud.

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  1. Tylersthetalent

    Will make for a interesting last tour

  2. jules

    dont bring Walker into this messy drama pls!

  3. Ellery

    It’s because their wives hate each due to conflicting political beliefs.

    • SER

      Which one is conservative and which one is liberal?

  4. Ray Bands

    I’m pretty sure all the rumors are one was cheating on their wife and the other won’t tolerate that behavior..allegedly

    • SDL

      Allegedly it was TH and Hayden Panettiere

    • SDL

      I read on another site that its well known in Nashville that its TH and Hayden Panettiere.

      • rtl


  5. Insufferable

    Tyler and Hayley are insufferable. The Kelley’s are a little kooky for my taste, but they’re down to earth and pleasant.

  6. Jodi

    They won’t be showing up. They performed for the last time together at the MN State Fair this week.

    TMZ posted it and I live in MN.

  7. Alo

    My friend is a concert promoter/organizer and said they have separate buses, dressing rooms everything separate. They HATE each other.


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