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The wacky former RHONY housewife had her team create and plant the story that the cute former boyfriend of another RHONY star had a crush on her and was eyeing her at a party. It seems ridiculous but the wacky one heard her ex husband’s other ex wife was involved with the chef and she’ll do anything to piss her off. Wacky is also trying to keep her name in the press. She’s been floated as a contender for legacy and she wants it bad. It will boost her real estate career and her standing in NYC which took a hit following her role on RHONY.

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  1. Scary Island

    Oh Kelly! Just go to sleep!!

  2. Che

    Kelly, Elle MacPherson, & Adam

    • Stephina

      I know she’s a real estate agent now but she also took time to compare scary island to Epstein’s two former islands a couple weeks ago.

      She’s not even dumb. She has an Ivy League undergrad degree and an MBA with a focus in International MARKETING.

      It’s like she lacks all freaking common sense and decency half of the time though but we already knew money can’t buy you class.

  3. Go to sleep!

    Kelly Bensimon 🙄 and why am I not surprised?

  4. Holly Golightly

    Kelly Bensimon

  5. Titsmcgee

    God Kelly is the worst. Sucks for Adam to be associated with her now

  6. Ashley


  7. Fancypants

    Hi Carole

  8. NY

    Kelly Binsimone? About Carole’s boyfriend Adam?

  9. Me

    Kelly B

  10. Dee

    Kelly Bensimmon. The chef is Adam, Carole Radziwill’s ex.

  11. Allyson

    Kelly Bensimone… looks like she’s just as unhinged as Scary Island lol

  12. M in MN

    Kelly Bensimon!!

  13. Scary Island

    Crazy Kelly Bensimon. If this is her trying to be relevant to join the show, please no.

  14. Kim Jones

    Kelly Bensimmon is the wacky & Carole’s ex bf is the chef??

  15. Gilles

    Kelly Bensimon and Carole Radziwill


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