Jun 17, 2022

Rumor has it Joe didn’t go to Teresa and Louie’s housewarming last night . The night before all the men went out. Louie and Joe had a big blowout. Joe decided not to go to the party!!! Allegedly.


  1. Rae

    This upcoming season will be goodt!

  2. NotOurJoe

    He’s such a crybaby

  3. Here for it

    Teresa has sh*t all over her brother for years, it’s about time he stands up for himself & his family. Luis is a joke

  4. JK

    Missed out on the 50,000 sq ft house ?

  5. Talia

    Joe is such a little bitch girl. Always huffing off lmao

  6. Karen

    The way Melissa & Joe have been trashing Teresa on Melissa’s podcast, I’m surprised they are invited to anything

    • Jenny

      Ok Karen. Can you blame them? They’ve covered for her crazy self far too long. Tre gets what she deserves in this scenario.

  7. Laura

    Is it 50,000 sq ft or 15,000???

  8. Jail Rat

    It’s baffling how many people call Joe a b*tch boy but he’s never been to prison and left his kids behind. Let’s get real people. Tre and her ex-husband BOTH went to jail and all of a sudden Tre is Mother Teresa. Meanwhile, Joe has to take care of his parents and I am sure Teresa being in jail put a ton of stress on their parents which didn’t help her mother’s already declining health.

  9. Bex

    When we going to talk about joe Lodi his parents house?


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