The friends…

Jun 16, 2022

From a DM:

It’s because she put down being on reality television. Some of the friends were in talks at different points to join housewives, and other shows, and she scoffed at the idea. There were other reasons but this was part of it. Clearly she ended up joining herself so. Yeah.



    That is a dumb petty reason to drop a friend lol. They are grown adult women who are responsible for their own choices. If they wanted to be on reality tv and one friend having a negative remark about it made them decide not to, they were NOT cut out for it in the first place. Bravo fans would eat them alive

    • Beverly Hills Drama

      Crystal, relax

      • Still waiting for better storylines

        I actually wasn’t defending crystal at all. I think she’s boring and too sensitive for reality tv and don’t want her asked back. But it does also sound like those 14 women are immature and petty too if that’s the real reason lol

    • Lost AF

      I’m confused who this is about?!

    • Em

      Highly doubt that is the reason why they dropped her as a friend.

    • Megaaa

      This doesn’t make sense. 14 friends don’t end a friendship because one got on a show. Maybe one or two but not fourteen! Is this crystal writing this?

    • Ma’am

      Crystal? Girl, is that you?

    • Bambi Umansky

      Seems like it was way more than just her comments about being on a reality show. And I think the point of her friends being mad about the reality show is that Crystal was being manipulative, dishonest and cunning about it. Instead of being transparent or supportive.

    • get a hobby

      lol hi crystal

    • Dixcgirl

      Fire the fakes that are on RHOBH now and hire the 14 friends!!!!! THEY sound like they may want to bring the drama. These ladies are ridiculous!!

  2. M

    Ohhh…her falling out with the 14 friends seemed so much “darker” ??? and more sinister on the show…this is a little dull…fits with Crystal though. ?

  3. Julie

    So she had shitty friends, is what I’m getting from that. I’m sorry but being dropped by a bunch of mean girls doesn’t sound that bad to me.

    If her opinion made them change their minds about doing the shows that says a lot more about them than it does her.

  4. Veronica


  5. DontBelieveEverythingYouHearOnTV

    Everyone acting like Rinna saying “like, 14 friends” means it was actually 15 friends. Because rinna wouldn’t exaggerate, right?
    It’s probably like 2-4 friends and Rinna was being Rinna. Messy and a pot stirrer. Anything to keep the focus off herself.

    • Not this pot

      Rinna didn’t say it though. It was Sutton who said it. Kyle later said she heard the same thing and Rinna said it in a confessional. She is a pot stirrer but not this pot. Erika did the dirty work at the beach of really fanning Crystal’s flames.


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