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Wild Wedding Gossip Goose Chase; Caught In the Act; Housewife Theories

B and Amanda recap the wedding wild goose chase in the Bravo and Cocktails Instagram stories and a behind the scenes look about how even we have no idea what’s really going on sometimes. Some spicy tea about an ex NFL star who allegedly got caught in the act. B and Amanda chat Real Housewives of Atlanta and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and an interesting theory about how a few of the Beverly Hills housewives are changing the course of the show.

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Cocktails and Gossip Episode 4 Transcript

(We use AI transcription so if there are typos it’s the Robot’s fault)

B (00:00:00):

Do you know the stuff people say to me on a day to day basis,

B (00:00:04):

Do I care? I’m still winning.

Amanda (00:00:05):

I do say like a lot, and I know I can do better

B (00:00:08):

About it. And guess what? If they don’t like you, they can leave.

Amanda (00:00:11):

They can like leave.

B (00:00:14):

And it ain’t an  airport. You don’t have to announce your departure. And we won’t notice.

B (00:00:26):

Welcome to cocktails and gossip to podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tea. We out reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from Bravo and I’m B

Amanda (00:00:39):

And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea

B (00:00:47):

Guys. I have to share my hangover cure. It’s not really a secret because all of my followers and friends now, Ivy

B (00:00:57):

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Amanda (00:01:59):

So B over the weekend, your stories were a little wild. It was a bit of a wild goose chase as far as JLo and Ben, are they getting married? What was the deal with that?

B (00:02:13):

So Friday night there, I am minding my own business <laugh> and all of a sudden I get different emails and DMS regarding a wedding. They all said JLo and Ben were getting married in Georgia over that weekend. Right? So this was Friday night. So sometime that weekend at the Ritz in lake Ocon, is that how I say it? Oconee? I’ve only read it. <Laugh> in my inbox. So this is the first time I’m saying it. Yeah. So I’m like, you know, the first one I got, I was like, all right, what are the odds that I’m getting the, the JLo scoop. But then I reminded myself somehow some way someone sent me the Rihanna was pregnant. And then when she had the baby, so I don’t know Rihanna’s best, friend’s a Bravo cocktails fan or something, but <laugh>, I was like, okay, could it be, so what did I do? I belligerently reposted it

Amanda (00:03:08):

I’ve been there. It’s so funny. And when you posted, I texted you immediately, cuz I was like, that’s an interesting choice for JLo and Ben because yes, it is absolutely beautiful and it’s a Ritz, but it has a more rustic feel, I think is a good way to put it there. And I just, and it’s an hour and a half probably drive from Atlanta. And I just was like, I just don’t really see it interesting.

B (00:03:38):

So right. I mean, I totally thought it was something I was gonna post and be wrong about. But then people were replying to my post messaging, me saying that their parents or their in-laws or their cousins, brothers, sisters received emails that the resort was shut down for a private event all weekend. So I mean, you know, it’s Friday night we had just recorded our first podcast and a couple glasses of per Secco in I’m thinking to slam dunk. This is amazing. And then the aviation stuff starts rolling in.

Amanda (00:04:17):

There’s like a whole reason we’re sharing this, right? This is where things get so like crazy. We get start getting all these different And you know, we get all these different kinds of stories and it’s sort of hard to know where to believe. But the reason we wanted to talk about this is like, this is the way it goes down.

B (00:04:39):

Oh, absolutely. Like this, this is the puzzle that we keep telling people about. Cause people are always like, how do you know? It’s like, I obviously don’t know. I mean, JLo, isn’t calling me to be like, Hey B, I’m getting married in Georgia this weekend. You know, so, okay. So I’m gonna read some of the DMS. I got basically it takes us from a to G to B, to F to Z. Right? So I get the initial message and then I get, I just called my mother-in-law. The Ritz has been closed to public since yesterday. Guards are at the entrance. The whole place is rented out. Last time this happened was Carrie Underwood’s wedding. So again, I’m like, okay, this is good. My parents live on a lake. They got the same email. 40 private planes are scheduled to land there today. So, you know, here I am, who has a private plane who has 40 private planes coming.

B (00:05:30):

I mean, if it’s not JLo, it’s somebody else big. And then here it goes, our father-in-law heard it was an Airbus corporate event, all the airline CEOs and stuff. So I’m thinking me in the follower who Danny is like maybe they planted a fake story to divert attention to the real event. Right? Cause now, I mean, we’re all sold at this point. Me, you, my followers, we are absolutely convinced that the wedding is happening. My husband just got a text that the airport by the rich is closed down so people can fly in their private jets. I mean, we’re like, okay, it’s gotta be. And so people are saying, no, they’re saying it’s an airline event. Get a DM. My friend is high up at Southwest, no airline CEO, this event, this week act. I have a friend in the C-suite at Delta. He also said the same.

B (00:06:14):

So then I’m like, guys, there’s no airplane conference. And then I get a DM word is JLo staying at one of the mansions on the lake. The guests will stay at the risk. So now I’m looking at Leah remedies stories, I’m digging it all out and I’m getting all these messages such as, I think it’s more likely than people think the Ritz at Reynolds is the perfect setup. Security, privacy, endless lodging, fancy AAF, impeccable service, very discreet, nearly every actor that films in Atlanta has taken a break or vacation there, but they didn’t get a marriage license in that county. So, okay. Antennas go up. Another follower says I was just explaining this to my husband. So many celebrities go there because there’s tons of tree cover. There’s only one driveway in and out, which means 24, 7 security. And the only other way in or out is by boat.

B (00:07:09):

The Ritz property itself is within Reynolds community compound, ultra ultra private one hour from Atlanta airport and a private airport, five minutes away. Also Ben filled the accountant in that area. So he would be familiar. So we’re getting all of these things, right? I mean, I could go on for days then at some point there’s all this back and forth. But at this point, like I’m pretty convinced that it’s diversion. And then I get this message about come Keya, Dores, Dell Chilo. And basically it’s a secretive club, very high level airline and aerospace industry executives. So people are saying like the CEO of Delta’s gonna fly Delta. He’s not gonna fly a PJ, but this is like even higher level than that. I started to get a little discouraged. Cause I got a lot of information backing up. <Laugh> this event with the com the doors of aviation. I mean, who knew it existed?

Amanda (00:08:09):

Well, this is all so wild. And I’m texting with you as all this is happening, like what’s going on? So you said the word diversion, do we think maybe they got married and they purposely planted the rumors about this to distract everybody and divert everybody from what was really happening somewhere else.

B (00:08:32):

So obviously we don’t know, but I do think it’s curious that I got, and, and I think other people received as well, right? These emails and these DMS that were like having us all looking at this resort, which ultimately was the conta do’s event. Good for them. I hope they had a great time.

Amanda (00:08:55):

We know that. So we know that that was what is what happened there.

B (00:08:58):

Yes. I’ll be honest once I was pretty sure it wasn’t JLo’s wedding. I sort of, you know, I had the attention of a goldfish, so I pretty much just started looking at other things. So throughout this, I was getting these like very mysterious DMS from an account who seemed to know what they were talking about. And they weren’t agreeing with me. They weren’t disagreeing with me. They were giving me like information about the wedding and what was actually happening and what they said was, and this is podcast exclusive. I wanted to post it. You guys, I mean, you guys, I held onto this for almost a week, was not easy. It’s the wedding. And we will see a wedding photo at the end of her documentary. Mark my words. I mean, I don’t know if, you know, I knew because I saw a promo for it.

B (00:09:51):

There’s a Netflix documentary coming out in June. And I mean, it makes sense, right? It’s about her career and the start and to where she is now. So full circle would be a wedding to then Aflac, like they’re engaged. She could just do the engagement, but if we know JLo, JLo goes all in. So when I got this message, I was like, that makes sense. Now, I don’t wanna say, I don’t think it’s happened at the Georgia resort, but I don’t think it happened certainly with a possibility. Is it possible that the con keys doors were willing to like, you know, say yes, it was us, there were 40 private planes that flew in. So it’s totally possible that it, they were able to pull this off and we’re gonna see the documentary. And then the people magazine will come out after that mid June.

B (00:10:43):

Right. However, I received another message and the source is so like, I rate my sources, right? There’s like, I trust this fully there’s mid-range and there’s like, this is on a whim. I would put this in the mid-range category. The wedding will be in Turks and CAOs. Again, this is a pot exclusive. Apparently they rented out an entire resort. It’s happening. Maybe it happened over the weekend, if not, it’s happening soon. And according to the source, they’ve rented out the entire resort. I haven’t said this yet. So I have to say it’s all alleged. And this person also said that we’ll see it at the end of her documentary. So it just seems to me that Turks and CAOs would be much more on brand for JLo. I definitely think whichever place it happened. I think that we will see a wedding at the end of her documentary. That is what everything I’ve received. Lead leads me to believe.

Amanda (00:11:44):

I mean, and talk about you put this show on Netflix and it goes immediately to number one, or you tell everybody there was a secret, right. That is revealed at the end. Right? I mean a surprise, like wow.

B (00:11:59):


Amanda (00:12:00):

Way to do it again, JLo.

B (00:12:01):

Yes. I mean, first of all, I wanna tell everyone who doesn’t know this, I’m the hugest JLo fan. I love her since like the first day I knew who she was. I just think she’s incredible. She’s incredible. She’s so multifaceted and a chameleon and so good at her craft. And I think part of her craft is punking us. So I like that. Listen, it was a fun weekend for me. And I was also busy. I had a lot of family stuff going on and, and personal stuff where it was like, I couldn’t check my phone for a few hours. And when I did, it was like, what do you mean the conky stores? Like I thought JLo was getting married. So it was like a lot of

Amanda (00:12:37):


B (00:12:38):

It was a fun time. I was hoping it was slam dunk, but JLo is not giving Bravo and cocktails a slam dunk. Let’s let’s let that be known.

Amanda (00:12:49):

Totally. If we all just got punked, I loved every minute of it.

B (00:12:53):

Absolutely. If I were to know that JLo even read this and giggled, it would be like, that’s a connection, like six degrees of separation. But basically I’m friends with Jennifer Lopez now, Amanda. So, I mean, I might be too busy next week to record because she might call me for the wedding. I mean, if Turks and CAOs is next week, she might be like, let’s bring her. It’s a possibility.

Amanda (00:13:18):

<Laugh>. I mean, I stayed at the hotel that she punked us all by saying that her wedding was at, if this theory is correct. So basically I went to her wedding.

B (00:13:28):

<Laugh> basically you went to her wedding, basically. We’ve all been at their wedding was beautiful. And no, the funniest thing was when I got a message and they were like, this is the flowers doing the event. And they were very obviously corporate flowers. Like I wouldn’t have those flowers at my kids’ communion. I was like, if these really are the flowers, this is,

Amanda (00:13:48):

You were getting, I just, the, the level of detail

B (00:13:52):

And I posted it and my followers were like, be no way. I’m like, I know. I mean, I don’t know. They were sad flowers, very sad. The carpet was green. The table cloths were like that ugly mustard that people wanna call gold. It was sad. And I was like,

Amanda (00:14:08):

<laugh> like I said, it’s absolutely. But it’s very rustic. It just doesn’t quite feel like cool lake hunting lodge cozy. It’s

B (00:14:18):

Not glamors get is what you’re saying.

Amanda (00:14:22):

Yes, totally. So there was another big scoop that kind of popped up just recently. It was definitely written as a blind, but pretty easy to figure out. So of course that’s how we like it. And yes, we read your reviews. We had to look up what the heck vocal fry is. We’re doing our best over here. People

B (00:14:44):

Look guys, when I said, I don’t know anything about podcast, I dunno anything about podcast. I’m just starting. It’s my, well, I guess this is my third or fourth. I don’t know. But you know,

Amanda (00:14:54):

<Laugh> and another other review said, can you tell us who all the people are? No, we can’t. It’s all alleged. This is blind. This is how it works. But if you are hearing this, listen to what we’re saying carefully, and then also look on the website and remember like, we like to say the readers and the listeners are extremely smart and a lot of stuff happens in the comments. Yes. So,

B (00:15:21):

And also, anyway, I don’t mind the constructive criticism because I really don’t know what I’m doing. So you guys giving that feedback is actually very helpful. I know. I sounded like I was in a cage because I was in my office in my basement. And now I’m outside of my office in my basement and I have headphones. So you see you live and you learn. So I’m it. And I can take it. That’s one thing about me. You’re not gonna find me crying or blocking cuz somebody says something bad. I say plenty of stuff, bad and baby, when you give it, you gotta take it and I can. Yep. So we appreciate you guys and keep giving us the feedback cuz we need it.

Amanda (00:15:59):

Yes. A person who said vocal fry. We had to look it up. And I think you’re referring to the fact that I say like a lot and I’m doing my best for trying, but that’s not what you meant. Please explain. And we will continue to try to improve.

B (00:16:15):

See you’re getting hung up on a freaking do not, oh

Amanda (00:16:18):

I don’t. You

B (00:16:19):

Do. I wanna, you know the people say to me on a day to day basis. Oh my well. Do I care? I’m still winning.

Amanda (00:16:25):

I’m not a, I do say like a lot and I know I do better about it

B (00:16:28):

And guess fun if they don’t like it, they can leave.

Amanda (00:16:31):

They can like leave <laugh>

B (00:16:34):

And the aid in airport, you don’t have to announce your departure and we won’t notice

Amanda (00:16:39):

<Laugh> okay. Yeah. So the scoop that came up, it was like we said, it was a blind, but pretty easy to figure out, which is always how we love it. So a former football player.

B (00:16:55):

So this was a lot. So we’ve heard about this ex and ex former, whatever NFL star, since his divorce from like a very well loved she’s successful. She was a reality service, a teenager. She had a show as an adult that featured her business, but obviously her husband was on it and he wasn’t very well liked when he was on it. I mean, he sort of was, I don’t know, kind of like very dismissive and thought who he was, but you know, things don’t always translate, right? Amanda, like when you watch something on television, you have to always take into account that if I were just to have cameras, following me, people may have a certain perception, right? Because some people are more camera ready than others. So I think that a lot of people had things to say, but like me personally, I always gave them grace because she was a person who kind of like not grew up on reality TV, but had a successful reality show as a teenager.

B (00:17:56):

And she was like, I mean, we love her. We’re obviously keeping names out of this, but we love her. She’s great. She’s just got a very cool energy. She’s a cool girl. And so he was not as liked on the reality show then it’s announced they’re divorcing, they’re divorcing and her show isn’t coming back. I don’t know if the things, if the two are related, I won’t pretend to know about that. So she seems, I don’t know. I think the public view was like, she sort of initiated it. Like maybe she was sick of his. Like he was obnoxious, like what we saw, maybe that’s how he really was, is sort of the sense I got, you know, but they have children and obviously you always want the best for, you know, your children’s father regardless of the situation. But then he just really acted like not cool.

B (00:18:46):

She was hanging out with a couple of other reality stars, which are well known, you know, two guys who are like fun and, and they were linked together and all of a sudden he was linked to one of their ex-girlfriends. Well, the ex-girlfriend was sort of like a belligerent type. There’s a little JLo tie in here for my Bravo and cocktail followers. I think you’ll understand what I’m talking about. So this girl was linked to Aron as well. And then shortly, I mean, pretty shortly thereafter when that whole came out, whatever that sext thing, but it wasn’t anything, but it was, but it wasn’t. But that she was then linked to this former NFL star and I guess they hooked up and she went out on Instagram and like went belligerent. Like she called him out. She was like, you hate it and quit it.

B (00:19:40):

You used me because your ex was hanging out with my ex. And it was like this whole messy thing, which the reality star, the girl does not want any part of she’s, you know, she’s way above it. Rightfully so. So you got one blonde from Charleston, right? So from Southern charm. So they had a fling subsequent feud on social, which was nasty <laugh> Bravo and cocktail fans. Remember that part exposed text. She did a lot of messy lives, like talking about the ex-wife, which was really uncool. I mean the Charleston blonde is a mom herself and it’s just, it, it was just very tacky, very tacky. All right. So that happened. Next thing you know, he was linked to somebody else

Amanda (00:20:31):

I’m remembering now, because this is, I don’t know if they were divorced this point or whatever, but the football player was also linked to somebody else who is a country singer and who was on a sitcom was also very publicly going through a divorce and was talking a lot about this on Instagram and on social media and exposing her ex for cheating and all of that. Right? Oh

B (00:21:09):

Yeah. I mean many call this girl thirsty. I honestly had no idea who she was until I had my account and people were messaging me stuff about her. It was when it was before she was getting divorced. And then like through her divorce, it became her storyline. And then she was friends with this former NFL Star’s wife. I don’t know if they were best friends or whatever, but they live in, they all live in Nashville and they were friendly. And so then she’s hooking up with him. Like you wanted so much sympathy for your divorce and yet you’re hooking up with your, if not friend, right? I mean close acquaintance soon to be ex-husband I don’t think, I don’t even think they were divorced yet. So it was quite the Instagram T and scandal. So this all came out. So you have the Charleston chick, you have the thirsty Nashville chick people already don’t like this guy, his ex-wife has a huge fan following. So I mean, it just was not a good look for him. He was getting killed in this social media. So everyone’s got a bad taste in their mouth, Amanda <laugh>

Amanda (00:22:13):

And then, then we see popping up in multiple places, all alleged of course, but we see articles that the same person cheated with his good friend’s wife while they were all on a family vacation together.

B (00:22:33):

And this was not just Instagram news. This was not just something I received. I got the messages. And then I saw it was published by a lot of outlets, like NFL outlets. So it happened, we very much know it happened. The question was who there was a lot of back and forth, obviously I’m sure. Right. We have like agents and PR people involved trying to divert from the real situation. People were saying it was a country star that he’s friends with. I can confidently say that we are very comfortable with our post on who it was. You could find that on the site, the person who it was is childhood friends with a top pop star, think a list. Okay. So the top pop stars, best friend. Right? So his childhood best friend who he has a business with, invited him on vacation. They’re neighbors. They live next door to each other in Nashville. Allegedly the husband caught the friend that he invited on vacation and his wife. Okay. So this is what was in the media.

Amanda (00:23:48):

I was just gonna say, cause I was gonna look back actually to see if I could find the date that you first posted about this.

B (00:24:00):

It happened pretty quickly.

Amanda (00:24:01):

I wanna say though, the, the first, so we’ve got a couple of different blinds yes. That were posted.

B (00:24:08):

And the blinds were posted because people were trying to divert what happened. Right? So what I can tell you is that I said earlier that we have like top sources, mid-level sources and low level, we’re calling this top level. Okay. The husband, you have the footballer on vacation with a wife, husband, and all the kids, the husband of the wife discovered text messages that indicate that this has been going on for years.

Amanda (00:24:42):

So insane. Would you want, should we read a couple of the blinds that you,

B (00:24:47):

I think so with Amanda <laugh> I got a message today. So after we read these blinds, I’m gonna read that message. Because when I say confirmed, I mean confirm,

Amanda (00:24:59):

Okay, this is, so this is crazy. So keep in mind too, on Bravo cocktails, these, these posts have been up for a little bit. This is not just something that just happened like yesterday. And if you’ve been following along, you can kind of start to put the pieces together. So we’re gonna call this footballer person B so person a, who is a celebrity’s best friend person, a and person B have been close friends for years, person a lives next to person B and their kids are very close friends person, a invited person, B the footballer, The Bahamas on his family trip and caught person B growing his wife. It’s next level disgusting. And that is what the first post says. The second post says, wasn’t a one time thing. The affair had been going on for years. He found all the text messages between his wife and person B.

B (00:26:03):

So we have those two posts. And then last night a follower sent me a post from the husband’s page. So the husband being the A-list pop stars, best friend, he had a post, it was an old post, right it’s from before all this happened. But obviously fans were going to his Instagram and writing nasty comments about his wife, because the rumor is that she cheated on him. So the husband replied, she will always be the mother of my children. Any negative comments will be deleted. I mean, that’s basically confirmation, right? Mm-Hmm <affirmative> right. Like if

Amanda (00:26:48):

Dan classy it, very classy of this guy, this

B (00:26:51):

Very classy, very classy. It is the mother of his children. And I absolutely respect the stance he took on it. If it wasn’t true. Obviously the response would’ve been different saying she’s the mother of my children. And she always will be, is saying that. Yeah. Okay. This happened, but please don’t write nasty comments about the mother of my children. <Laugh>

Amanda (00:27:15):

Right. He’s confirming it while also yeah. Yeah. A smart but classy move, I think on his part. Absolutely. So, so anyway, that was some good Intel. And like I said, it’s just so always so interesting to see how all these things fall out because we end up fighting and hearing little bits and pieces pretty early in the process because people, people tell you things. It is nuts,

B (00:27:45):

Guys. I’m not kidding. I know this happened last time, but it happened again. I’m telling you, it’s the podcast gods. Like there’s somebody, there’s like a God of the podcast that likes me because I got this while we were starting the episode. And it says in my DMS, a hundred percent can confirm. They did. In fact, get caught together. Divorce is going down. She was spotted hanging with I’m leaving the name out former NFL star will say on mother’s day, obviously they hang out because they’re all friends, but this shows it. Wasn’t just a one time thing. This is out in the press. She’s still hanging out with him guys. Like it’s a small town, tight circle they run in and it’s a shame they’ve ruined friendships, a marriage. And now their kids are gonna have to deal with it in some way too. Bravo to the exer ex-wife for taking the high road a non-lease. So, I mean, expect a divorce and you know, I mean, it’s a sad situation. I like, it’s such a devious thing. I think for me is what it is like it’s, it’s deviant <laugh> and it’s devious. Like,

Amanda (00:29:00):


B (00:29:02):

I don’t know. I guess I just, can you

Amanda (00:29:04):

Imagine being like, oh, I just feel so bad for, so and so now that’s divorce, you know, the, the family trips just aren’t as fun and whatever. Let’s invite him to come along on ours and then oops.

B (00:29:16):

Right? Like

Amanda (00:29:18):


B (00:29:21):

The dirt band. Yeah. Not sorry. Dirtbag both of them.

Amanda (00:29:24):


B (00:29:24):

Both of them, like it’s such a, both of them nasty thing. I mean, listen, I’m not, I, I would never show co-sign a cheater, but to cheat with your husband’s friend is another level of gross

Amanda (00:29:39):

On a family vacation. Yes.

B (00:29:42):

Well, he’s probably watching all the kids. I love Atlanta. I have to tell you. I know. So our first podcast, I was like, I relate to New Jersey the most and I do. I think I love the,

Amanda (00:30:00):

Hey it’s Amanda here. And I wanna tell you about a product that I have been using since 2019, it’s called freedom deodorant. It’s a natural deodorant that actually works. The story behind it is kind of cool. The founder had three friends who are going through breast cancer at the same time. That part is obviously not. But the founder says that all of their doctors told them how important it is to use natural products on their bodies and to stay away from anti perent. So she tried a natural deodorant and it didn’t go well. So she decided to create one that does. So back to me, I first found freedom deodorant for the first time in the spot, my gym, they were selling travel sizes. So I figured I would try it until then. I was always buying an new deodorant like every few weeks, because they would work for a couple weeks and then they would stop working.

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B (00:31:56):

We are donating this time during the podcast to raise awareness for two organizations that are meaningful to us, always, especially in light of the events in Uvalde, Texas. This week, every town for gun safety is the largest gun violence prevention organization in America. Gun violence touches every town in America for too long life. Saving laws have been thwarted by the gun lobby and by leaders who refuse to take common sense steps that will save lives. But something is changing more than 8 million mayors moms, teachers, survivors, gun owners, students, and everyday Americans have come together to make their own communities safer. Here’s how you can take the action with every town you can donate. You can call your senators. You can make phone calls. You can join moms action, go to every to take action and get involved. Sandy hook’s promise mission is to protect America’s children from gun violence in honor, of the precious lives that were lost at Sandy hook elementary school by empowering youth to know the signs and uniting all people who value the protection of children, we can take meaningful action in schools, homes, and communities to prevent gun violence and stop the tragic loss of life.

B (00:33:32):

With Sandy hook promise. You can take action by volunteering giving to the cause and you can help contact your local governors to lobby for change. Go to Sandy hook to learn more old school. Atlanta for me is like, it’s just like comfort. <Laugh> it makes me laugh. It makes me mad. It makes me cry sometimes. Like it’s just so good. These women, I mean, in one episode, they give us more than some of these franchises give us all season OC comes to mind, Dallas comes to mind like they could never drew and Ralph let’s start there. I can’t stand him, Amanda. I can’t stand him.

Amanda (00:34:21):

He’s the worst.

B (00:34:23):

I don’t like her that much, to be honest, because I don’t like how she placates him, how she gives him a platform to be a freaking bag. Like it doesn’t make any se who is he? And then he keeps talking about how successful he is with what being an.

Amanda (00:34:38):

<Laugh> yeah, I agree. She does a certain extent kind of let him treat her that way. And it’s sad to see it because I think it’s sort of hard to see past that and see her, right? Yes. All we’re seeing is that

B (00:34:53):

Right? And I’m sure she’s a nice person. I don’t think she really has a seat at the table. Like she was fighting with Sheray recently on Twitter. It’s like, really? You’re gonna come for Sheray <laugh> you got the wrong one. And Sheree’s like, the only reason you are back is because there was an empty slot and they couldn’t fill it fast enough cuz of COVID and I think that’s true actually. And then he is obnoxious and her defense of, so this is what I don’t like. You wanna be with a complete dirt bag, then you’re gonna talk about how he’s a dirt bag and then defend him. Talk about how he’s a jerk, then defend him. It’s exhausting. I don’t like to see it. I just, I just it’s toxic. They’re obviously never gonna last it’s bad. I don’t want it on my television. I’m good with them being gone.

Amanda (00:35:44):

What about the assistant? I think you had a post about it.

B (00:35:48):

I did have a post about it. I mean, I think it’s pretty known. Like the assistant thing definitely happened. She wouldn’t be that mad unless it was something that happened. Everybody at that dinner table knew what happened. I can repost it. You know, every word out of his mouth is just suspect and she knows it. That’s what makes my blood boil. Like she knows it and she’s mad at him. And in the same moment of being mad, she defends him. And when Kenya and listen, Kenya was in a toxic relationship with Brooklyn’s father, right? Mm-Hmm <affirmative> Kenya, isn’t even a fan of drew. But the thing about Kenya and I know Kenya is a villain, but I love her because she’s just real. And there are times she’s really been a villain. I think since Brooklyn, she’s definitely softened in a certain way. Right. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>, she’s not like so extra go for the gut. She’s more, she’ll go for the gut if she needs to. But she more lets things play out. But she was sticking up for drew. She was like acknowledging Ralph’s toxic behavior and comparing him to her ex who is, I mean a nightmare.

Amanda (00:36:56):


B (00:36:57):

And like, so that’s what I’m saying about drew. So she complains about him. And then when Kenya is supporting her, she then like slides in to be like, and then Kenya’s like, you know what? You’re the same thing. You’re toxic too. Which I don’t, I do not believe drew is toxic. I think Drew’s in a toxic situation, but I get what Kenya was coming from. Cuz it’s like enough.

Amanda (00:37:17):

Yeah. She can’t maybe drew just can’t see her way out of it right now. Right. You know, like they have little kids, like I can only imagine. And

B (00:37:25):

Like what about, he has an assistant for what? You have an assistant because your wife is a housewife. Think about that. He’s quote unquote, writing a book. That’s his career. Ralph, you have an assistant because you’re writing a book, that’s a hobby. You don’t need an assistant. That’s something people do on the side. What is your job other than being Drew’s husband

Amanda (00:37:48):

And why do we have so many assistants? I don’t really quite understand that. And I think that’s part of the, like fun of what’s been happening on Atlanta because they’re like assistant number four. Right. They’re definitely pointing out and wanting us to

B (00:38:03):

See that. Plus induction is unparalleled, unparalleled. They’re great. They give it to us. I mean, the assistant definitely is looking for his 15 minutes. Good for him. He’s getting it. He’s giving it to us. We appreciate it. It’s a little overproduced. If I’m being honest, it’s a little overproduced, you know, it was, this is the thing you can’t ever have Atlanta season one again. And that’s the sad thing, right? Because you get so invested, but that’s why you need a new city. That’s why Potomac was such a success because you can’t be a rookie unless you’re a rookie. Yeah. And even the people around you like that assistant, he watched the other assistant, you know what I’m saying? Like, it’s,

Amanda (00:38:46):

He wants his minutes so bad. Like when he hands candy that shot. And he is like, he

B (00:38:53):

At least I think willing

Amanda (00:38:54):


B (00:38:55):

In here for it. Like I think he’s willing to like chop a finger off to be like Alex,

Amanda (00:38:59):

For sure. So, and I mean, none of us are dumb, right? And the guy, he is clearly approaching his house size and saying, can I please be yours? So say he’s probably saying, I’ll do it. Who knows for free whos what he is doing. But if he is both through and it’s Alina is a big town, like there’s plenty of people who need assistant jobs. Right. He’s clearly targeting Housewives. And so now he’s, you know, an assistant for both drew and Shere. I mean, I could guess where you’re gonna land on this, but whose team are you on?

B (00:39:32):

I’m annoyed. That Shere is even in the same bucket as drew. That’s where I land. Like Sheray an all star. I really never understood her being cut. I just didn’t understand it. I, yeah. You know, I look at, and, and I always like Cynthia don’t mistake me. I think Cynthia’s a really nice person. I liked her. I really loved Peter and her like, cuz he was spicy. I liked him. I, I really appreciated him. I know he wasn’t the best guy. I, I know that side of it, but he, he gave us good TV. I really felt like you kept Cynthia and Asha. Right? Like that never made sense to me personally. So where do I? I would like drew back on the show only if it’s for her to drop her baggage off. I don’t wanna see her with Ralph again. And listen, Ralph is very handsome. He’s well built, but you know what? You’re a grown woman. You’re a mother

Amanda (00:40:31):

Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

B (00:40:32):

Move along. This guy has nothing to offer you except toxicity.

Amanda (00:40:38):

I mean I totally agree. Totally agree. What about candy and Todd? What do you think about their whole, the storyline about how they went? And I mean,

B (00:40:48):

So I’m so biased. Cause I love candy like

Amanda (00:40:51):

I do too, but in what world? Okay. I have traveled to New York many times for work, many ti like for fun. In what world do you put people on a party bus drive them from Manhattan to I Fort Lee, New Jersey to go look at a one or two bedroom condo. And then you go back into the city for dinner.

B (00:41:19):

So I mean, I live here. So you might as well have driven them to Florida. <Laugh> okay. That, that piece of it aside, I mean, listen, there’s always storyline, but like that, that is not happening. There is no new Yorker. There is no five bur person who is driving to Fort Lee before dinner in Manhattan. It is not a thing. I love candy. So I am biased, but I will say this and I love Todd and I think they have a great marriage. And what I love about them is that they show their marriage. They don’t hide anything. They have a healthy marriage and in a healthy marriage, you disagree and you find a way to meet at the middle. And the thing is that Todd married candy and she is, it was funny. I reposted something cuz candy said, she thinks she could be escape. Escape could be Destiny’s child at Varu, whatever the

Amanda (00:42:13):

Versus whatever. Yeah,

B (00:42:15):

Whatever that is. And I’m like, and oh my fathers, like, is she crazy? It’s like she wrote half of destiny. Child’s songs. You know, people don’t realize what a superstar you young box. I don’t know if you know who TLC is, but she wrote scrubs. Like she is a superstar. So Todd’s a good dude. Okay. He’s a good dude. He’s a smart guy. Candy. Wouldn’t not marry a bad guy or a stupid guy, but he married a celebrity. So when he complains about it, I do agree that she could compromise a little bit more. But I mean he married a celebrity, you know, if Brad pit calls me tomorrow and we get married, I can’t be mad that he’s getting more attention. Right,

Amanda (00:43:01):

Right. I just have one thing to say because I actually, I totally agree with everything you said. I really like candy and Todd. I really like that. They show they are disagreeing. I can see Todd sort of feeling like he flaps in the wind a little bit like, okay, you know, Candy’s got the, a career here. We have to kind of build everything around her. And she’s like, look, this is the way it’s always been. I see both sides of this, but I have to agree with candy. Like redo the apartment and sell it because there’s no way you guys are staying in Fort Lee, New Jersey. If you have business in like, you’re just not, you’re gonna stay close to the theater because being in the theater is a lot of it’s it’s so much time. So I, I I’m with candy.

B (00:43:54):

So my point of that is they have enough money that if it’s important to him, let him have it.

Amanda (00:44:00):

Yeah. True. Let him

B (00:44:01):

Have it. Like they have it like that. Like what is it to them? It’s a drop in the bucket. Let him have it. If he wants to have his spot to be able to show his kids, this was my spot. Before I move to Atlanta, let him have it. And you know what? At, in the episode you saw her say, all right, let’s do it. I think, listen, Candy’s not stupid. She wants a storyline. It was a storyline. She’s not gonna make him sell anything. She’s never gonna go there. She’s never gonna stay there. But maybe he will. Maybe he’ll go up. When he goes up to New York, maybe he’ll bring their son. Maybe he’ll go hang out there with his friends, whatever it is, let him have it. I mean, good point honestly, to her it’s the same as it would be to us to like rent a place for a week.

B (00:44:45):

<Laugh> you know what I mean? Yeah. It’s a drop in the bucket. Let him have it. I think, I do think she had felt some sort of way about his attachment to it, which I understand as a woman, because mm-hmm <affirmative> she felt like it related to his past relationship. And I do see his point that it was more about him saying like, I wasn’t nothing before you, because listen it Fort Lee, New Jersey to have an apartment like that, it cost at least half a million dollars when he bought it. Even though it needs to be remodeled for all my people across the country, in the tri-state area, real estate is expensive. Yeah. So like walking in there from Atlanta, it looks like nothing that in Atlanta would be Kenya’s house. For real, that be

Amanda (00:45:28):

For real, comes at a premium for sure.

B (00:45:31):

For real price wise, that would be Kenya’s house. So yeah, I say that to say it’s not nothing. And I think that maybe they wanted to show that to your point, why they drive all the way to Portland, New Jersey. I think he wanted to show on camera. Like she didn’t just marry a producer on the show. Like I was somebody, I wasn’t a celebrity like her. I, I did write songs for TLC. I didn’t write songs for Destiny’s child, but I wasn’t a, nobody. I was a successful guy in my own. Right. And I think that they do a good job of respecting each other, but it’s, I don’t think it’s easy in any relationship to have somebody so much bigger. I mean, listen, in my own marriage, you know, whoever makes more, it’s not like you make $5 million more. Right? Mm-hmm <affirmative> so yeah, I say all that to say I love candy and Todd more candy and Todd <laugh>

Amanda (00:46:22):

I do too. I love them. Oh, who wants the other thing that I, maybe we just haven’t gotten there yet, but I still don’t understand why the people in were sent as the, with the invitations to go.

B (00:46:38):

That’s just candy messing with them and being funny because of her sex line. Listen, Candy’s a business woman. She always wants to remind the audience. Hey, you want sex toys? I’m your girl.

Amanda (00:46:48):

Yeah. Good point.

B (00:46:49):

We could all learn a little something from candy bears. Okay.

Amanda (00:46:54):

Good point. Okay. So Sonya, she is new this season. What do you think about her? Because I think she is, I love her. I love hearing her talk with her family and how they we’re fighting over the beef patties because in, in our family, it’s not the beef patties, but like there is my mother’s homemade jam that she makes once a year. And like people start fighting over it when we get low on the jars. So like I, 100% get that.

B (00:47:30):

Obviously I love her. I love her husband. They are, first of all, you know what I really like, what stands out to me about them? I like how sure of themselves they are. Like, they’re the newbies on Atlanta. And I don’t get that sense of listen. <Laugh> she’s a four time or five time actually. Cuz she didn’t even mention the bronze five time Olympic medalist. Right. And her husband is a former NFL star. Right. Which doesn’t always mean you have a good sense of self. And I think, I most like people who know who they are and she and her husband know who they are and they’re so I don’t know. They just seem fun to me. I think they’re going to give us a lot. I love the Jamaican culture. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> I mean on a personal level, my, my best friend is Jamaican.

B (00:48:21):

And so I know that because you know, I’m around her family for so many years that I can tell you it’s really authentic. Like mm-hmm <affirmative> I dunno if we have any love in hip hop fans, but there were a couple people on there who tried to put the Jamaican thing on and it was like they’re American. They’re really Jamaican. They’re real Jamaicans. I know that my best friend Jamaican. And I just, I think that they’re gonna have the thing about Atlanta is the women have real opinions, right? Mm-Hmm <affirmative> they don’t foot around issues. They were at a dinner table and Sheray says to Ralph, well, I heard you’re gay. What? That would be a season on Beverly coast, a whole season. You heard he’s gay. And then he just like brushed it off. Like, you know, I’m not gay. I my assistant, like move past it and eat their steak. It’s like, I just, and then the wife’s like, did you just say you your said, nah, nah, I was just saying that. Cause she said I was gay. What, what, what, what went on either? And I just, I just it’s so good. It’s so good.

Amanda (00:49:26):

I love it. And I love how she, once her entire family of nine people living in her house with her, I’m like, that’s amazing. Cause girlfriends got well,

B (00:49:38):

That’s very Jamaican. They all it’s cute. Its not, they it’s like, and they’ll argue all day every day, but they take care of, they take care of each other, which is a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful, which I love.

Amanda (00:49:52):

And then Marlow. So we, I mean, we’ve seen her many, many, many years, but now she is finally a main housewife and I love the way she says I finally got my teach in the intro

B (00:50:06):


Amanda (00:50:07):

Okay. Okay. How does she make her money? How does she,

B (00:50:12):

I wanna so careful here. So first I love Marlo. I mean me too. She took in her nephews and she’s raising them. She’s a good person. The reason Marlo didn’t have a piece, although it’s being presented as if they didn’t want her to have a peach, that’s not the reality. The reality allegedly, allegedly, allegedly based on what I’ve heard is that she was in an arrangement that she wasn’t willing to show. She is no longer in that arrangement. So that is why she is now. She now has peach. She could’ve, I mean she was with a guy, a lot of money. I don’t know. I don’t wanna say he was married. I don’t know that. But he was a private person who had a lot of, lot of low lot of money and now she is not with him. And she adopted or she, I don’t know if she’s adopted or she has guardianship of her nephews. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> who by the way are such great kids.

Amanda (00:51:14):

Yeah. And

B (00:51:15):

They really are. And it’s like, I think that as a mom, like you always think like, and not to get like, so sentiment, not dark on here, but like you think to yourself, like if you weren’t here, who would take your kids and to see the pure love she has for her nephews, it just like makes me feel so good. You know, like as a mom, it’s like, you know, you’re not the only one who can do it. God forbid something happened to you. And I just didn’t think it takes a very special person to take that on. I mean two teenage boys

Amanda (00:51:51):

Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

B (00:51:52):

And they’re good boys, boys, but they’re teenagers, you know, they’re not like cute little toddlers, you know, they’re teenagers.

Amanda (00:51:58):

Well, and I don’t know if you picked up on this, but the, I forget which if it was the older nephew or the younger cuz and you kind of couldn’t see it, cuz they were kind of showing them walk out the door. But he was saying, you know, do, can I, how do I get in the garage? And you know, what do I do? And like, she was like, don’t worry. I’m gonna be here child. Like it’s. And I’m like, oh that just like got me, cuz I’m like, if you dig in another layer and you think about a child who has been through a lot of things,

B (00:52:29):

I had conditions this table and then she

Amanda (00:52:31):

Like, I’m gonna be here. And I’m like, Ugh, I just loved

B (00:52:33):

That. I loved that too. I remember that moment too. Us moms, we get it.

Amanda (00:52:38):

<Laugh> you

B (00:52:39):

Do. But I just, I always liked her and you know, it’s funny and I feel this way and I feel this way about Kenya too. People mistake a hard shell for a hard person.

Amanda (00:52:52):

Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

B (00:52:53):

And the reality of it is, is just because you are hard on the outside, it doesn’t mean you’re not soft. Like look at Kenya as a mom. It is so beautiful. And we know Atlanta fans know that from her first day, she always said, that’s all she wanted. She didn’t even care about a husband. She wanted a child. Yeah. And to see her have that and to see the complete joy, it brings her, it’s such a beautiful, beautiful thing. We’ve seen it with her. We’ve seen it with candy. I mean, candy had Riley mm-hmm <affirmative> and then Todd had his daughter and then together they’ve had two children. And I just think that Atlanta really shows mothers in the way that I think I maybe relate to.

Amanda (00:53:42):


B (00:53:42):

You know that like I do so many things outside of the house, but when I, when I’m home, I’m mommy, you know?

Amanda (00:53:48):

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And they’re, you know, with Marlow too, and, and Kenya, you know, Brooklyn is making the salad and, and Marlow, they’re showing them walking out the door, going to school. I’m like, this is, this is real life. This is not a $50,000 birthday party, which happens too. But

B (00:54:08):

Yes it does. You know what I mean?

Amanda (00:54:09):

Yes it does. This is, this is real life. This is, you know, running out the door. So Beverly Hills that just came and just started and there’s been a lot happening on the show that I think we probably just wanna watch and let it play out a little bit, but would love to get your initial thoughts. Hold on

B (00:54:32):

One second. I, you read my mind. I was just gonna say, I can only give initial thoughts.

Amanda (00:54:37):

So Sutton you SU here’s

B (00:54:41):

I’m a I’m AEL fan.

Amanda (00:54:43):

I love her too.

B (00:54:44):

I just love her. I do feel Garel Sutton and crystal are making a statement to say, guess what, ladies, you’re not gonna ride on the one story line anymore. We’re here now. And I love that. I think what Diana said, I think Sutton is clumsy with her words, which she’s honest. So I can’t really be mad at her for being honest. I do think that I, I do think the thing bothered me because I don’t believe it was fake. I don’t believe that that robbery was fake in the media when it first hit. And I saw the memes, seeing her reaction to it. I mean that to me looks like true trauma.

Amanda (00:55:30):

I, 100% believe it happened. This was real. This was an awful thing. And it makes me feel even more badly for that poor family that everyone is even questioning whether this

B (00:55:44):

Was real. I do think that Sutton because she’s suspect like, I guess that’s her of like the Beverly Hills people because she’s from the south. I do think her initial reaction before she saw or knew the details was that is this first storyline because they had just started filming. And so I think that she very quickly realized it was not fake. It was real. And now Kyle and I love Kyle

Amanda (00:56:12):


B (00:56:12):

<Affirmative> listen, it’s gotta drive the storyline. I get it. But I think it’s unfair to Sutton the way that they’re playing it out. I think it’s unfair. I think that Sutton had an initial thought, which probably was a thought of everybody. And then when they saw PK and three, they realized, oh, this really happened. And I think it’s unfair for them to kind of, you know, go in on Sutton for something that, you know, why does she have to be the mascot for, is this real

Amanda (00:56:46):

Well? And when suton, I totally agree that what sun was saying is like, it would’ve been disingenuous. Had I come to her house in the morning, you know, that’s not a sign of me not being there for my friend. It’s a sign of this. Isn’t my very best friend. And only your very best, you know, you don’t want just anybody coming into your, you know, it’s just your best friends who, you know, like you don’t care if your house is a mess and you’re a mess and whatever you don’t want. Just anybody coming over at 8:00 AM the next day

B (00:57:23):

Agreed. Absolutely agreed. And I, I think that the thing with Beverly Hills is they try to pick a storyline, stick with it and pin it on one person.

Amanda (00:57:35):

You know what you’re right. Cause I was with you and terms of hearing what you were saying about then I’m like, no, you’re right. They do. They, however they do it. It’s

B (00:57:44):

Lucy, apple juice was, was the first time I think people caught on, but it was happening for years before that. It’s totally OK. Rumors that I am not comfortable touching the woman is worth a billion dollars, but yes, there are a lot of rumors. <Laugh>

Amanda (00:58:01):

She’s I mean, she is go absolutely gorgeous.

B (00:58:05):

She is. And she, and she’s fun. Like she’s got a fun energy. It’s totally unrelatable to anybody without a billion dollars, but it’s fun.

Amanda (00:58:16):

She is the embodiment of you money. And I love it.

B (00:58:21):

I like when Kyle was like, you have so many Cartier rings and she very honestly was like, that’s what happens when you get rich, quick, you buy it all <laugh> I was like, okay. I like her.

Amanda (00:58:30):

That was too funny. Well, I’m so excited cuz usually Beverly Hills is my favorite of all of them. So I’m excited to see kind of what happens and the lifestyles they live is just so fun to watch. And it is, to me, just such a is it’s you know, that Dubai trip, they went on a few years ago and just the lives that they live is just so fun to, you know, get a peak into

B (00:58:57):

Because it’s unrelatable. So you like shows because they’re relatable and then you like shows because they’re completely unrelatable <laugh> yeah. And Beverly Hills is one that we like, cuz it’s completely unrelatable.

Amanda (00:59:08):

<Laugh> it’s

B (00:59:09):

Absolutely in the best way in the most decadent way.

Amanda (00:59:13):

Totally. So can’t wait to watch

B (00:59:15):

It, Amanda. Nobody’s better than you.

Amanda (00:59:19):

Ah, no, I think it’s us together. Right? That’s what’s fun about it. So thank you for the great spicy spicy tea.

B (00:59:26):

And I feel like there’s stuff we didn’t even get to so we may need to do a midweek pod.

Amanda (00:59:32):

Oh my gosh. Maybe

B (00:59:34):

Let’s see what the people say. Let’s if we hit number one again, maybe we will. If we hit number two, absolutely not I’m only kidding. <Laugh> <laugh>

Amanda (00:59:43):

Well, thank you, cocktails. It’s so much fun to do this, and we’re so happy to hear people are enjoying it. And like we said, if anybody can tell us what vocal fry means, we’ll do our best to try to fix it,

B (00:59:57):

Or we’ll keep vocal frying, and you’ll get used to it.

Amanda (01:00:00):

<Laugh> all right. Well, thanks so much. We’ll talk to you guys soon

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With everything going on in the world. It’s important to prioritize and practice daily stress management CBD has been used by millions of people to fight the effects of stress on the body and the mind. Hey, it’s Amanda. And I want to tell you about one of my favorite brands of CBD social CBD, social CBD helps you de-stress naturally with plant based ingredients that supplement your body’s natural response to stress, to support balance and mood, sleep, energy and recovery. In addition, social CBD recently lowered prices by up to 50%, they believe that wellness shouldn’t be a luxury and are committed to providing consumers access to CBD wellness in their everyday routines. I’ve been using social CBD for years. I’m a huge fan of their topical muscle balm stick. I use the lavender scented one when I am sore from a workout or I’m just having tightness in my shoulders from stress.

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It is a lifesaver. I put it on directly where the pain is and it works. It’s funny because it doesn’t have that kind of typical tingle from other muscle kind of bomb kind of products. So all of a sudden with this one, you just notice that the sore spot doesn’t hurt anymore. Social CBD just launched a new body care line, featuring high quality skincare ingredients, as well as a new bath salt line that offers 400 milligrams of CBD per bath. I’m really looking forward to trying that one out just to kind of either after a really tough workout or to really just relax after a stressful day. So cocktails use our code gossip to get a buy two, get one free So go to social use code gossip, and you can get a free product when you buy two. You’re gonna love it.

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