About the pre nup…

Jun 14, 2022

This pop star, to the relief of her fans, made sure to sign an iron clad prenuptial agreement with her new husband. What may surprise people is her ex husbands attorney helped draft her prenup. Allegedly.


  1. Kate

    Kevin Federline and doesn’t surprise me. He’s protecting the boys future inheritance.

    • Poor Britney

      Kfed is protecting himself as well. He lived of Britney just like the rest of them. I am glad she is free but by the looks of that wedding, she still has no one who really loves her or will truly protect her. I feel sorry for her.

  2. Hit me baby

    Thank god, someone is looking out for Britney!

  3. Melissa

    Mark Vincent Caplan i think his name is. Although I feel like he’s shady too. K Fed was very complacent with Britney situation as long as he was getting paid. I wouldn’t say he’s there to protect her…

  4. Free Britney

    How does he afford to live in that neighborhood? ?


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