Dirty hands…

Jun 13, 2022

Subject: She hired him…

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
R****’* hands as usual aren’t clean… she hired a PR team to promote her further this season. She lied about S***** and the table so she wanted to make sure her hands were clean! She knew that the viewers seen through her BS with S***** so she needs them on side with K****… the Patrick guy was a PR plant. No one should be shocked. The whole doxing thing wasn’t well received at Bravo, neither has her recent social media behaviour. She’s got some work to do if she wants Bravo and focus groups on her side if she’s to keep that diamond.

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  1. nm

    Rinna ?

  2. CharlestonBlonde

    Good bye Rinna!!

    • Em

      Read this in Ken’s voice

  3. The worst.

    Make her go away. Please.

  4. Robin

    Dear Bravo gods,

    Please get Rinna off my television for good. Her antics are as played out as her hairstyle.

    • Kristina

      Lmao. Facts!

  5. Mikko

    I won’t watch this series as long as Rinna and fat-ass Expen&ive are on.

    Both are disturbing & I’m just waiting for the lawsuits to come

  6. Debbie Reynolds

    Called it

  7. It's Cheap and Easy to be me

    That last couple of episodes have been lacking. I don’t know WTF Crystal is even talking about anymore. I don’t think she knows either. Lesser Jennifer Coolidge is a snore. I don’t believe anything Rinna says and the same with Erika.

    • Future housewife

      This right here!!! ^^^^^ 100% agreed!

  8. Rinnakeepthebunny

    Rinna has lied and been caught every single season, but they keep her on. She knows the truth is out there about Sutton’s table and she set up Kathy after coming for her to create a divide with Kyle. I heard Kim has been invited back. Betcha she can make Rinna cry real tears…. Bye Rinna!

  9. JK

    I bailed and my adult daughter did too. It’s boring and tedious. It’s fake. Not entertaining. Erika has no business on that show .. culpability aside she doesn’t fit in or add anything at all. So t get me started on Rinna
    I guess Andy favors her.

  10. Jess

    So much hate for Rinna on here… for the record I think she is great tv

    • Kat

      Me too! I don’t understand the hate for her at all. I like her. I don’t dislike her even in the slightest. The hatred confuses me.

    • BL

      I don’t like Rinna at all. Her thirst is just too much. But I agree she is definitely good TV and good for the show, maybe necessary for the show. It’s getting pretty boring as it is, without her it’d be a total snoozefest.


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