About the daddy issues guy….

Jun 12, 2022

From a DM: (the second daddy issues guy)

I CANNOT stand him!! He honestly such a jerk and he is NOT I REPEAT NOT as tall as what they put out there in the internet.. between shows and lifts he adds inches .. he is so ? on the flip side .. Vin Disel is every bit as you would imagine .. great guy!


  1. I need my tea ?

    Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock?

  2. Anon

    The Rock!

  3. Cookie Monster

    The Rock

  4. Too short


  5. Dominic

    Vin is that you?

    • Nikki

      The Rock has always seemed like a real D.

  6. Carrie Rogers

    The rock?

  7. As if

    I do t believe this is legit for a min. Not sure about the rock or if this is a campaign against him BUT no way I believe Vin is a great guy

    • Family first

      I feel like Paul Walker (rip ?) wouldn’t be friends with Vin if he was a douche bag…

      • Too Fast Too Furious

        And the way Vin has been with Paul’s daughter since she died has been so adorable. I’m finding it tough to believe either guy is truly awfully. But I guess you never know behind closed doors?

    • Mimi

      I don’t think Paul and Vin would have been so close if he was a douche. Vin walked Paul’s daughter down the isle at her wedding. That was super sweet!

  8. How tall does he need to be

    I have seen the 4ock in person….he seemd very tall to me

  9. Drizzu

    Vin is this you? Let it go! I know it grinds you that The Rock has the career you thought you should have but lets be clear you were on the trajectory to do just that but your ego, nasty attitude, and diva behavior tanked that.

    Also embrace your height! 5’10 is not that bad!


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