******** ******** she did not meet ****** after her divorce with ***. That is a HUGE lie. She met her new husband in Spring of 2019 and she announced her seperation from ex in December 2019. Her and New husband were having a full blown affair and everyone knew it.

What happened is she was in California doing a presentation for Women/something like that and he arrived at the conference and zeroed in on her because he saw his meal ticket. He didn’t have a real job in Newport Beach and some friends I know who live there said he was making ends meet by “escorting” for men or women.

They started their affair and he followed her to Dubai just before the 2020 confinement as he didn’t want to lose his ticket out of nothingness.
She has been heard saying that if he hadn’t moved over there, she would have probably worked on her marriage with her ex.
In regards to their Instagram and posting like they are millionaires, that is fake as anything!