How did she get on the show…(Dubai)

Jun 10, 2022

******** ****** is from my town. Her back story is completely bs. Her family lived in the only bad part of our wicked boujee town. Her brothers were a mess, always getting suspended and arrested. She met her Husband on a sugar daddy website, she got pregnant and they moved to Dubai. Everyone who knows her is like how tf did they let her on the show.


  1. Shady Pot Stirrer

    Caroline Brooks

  2. PRMama

    I bet Caroline Brooks. She grew up in Newton, MA which can be super bougie but there are a few neighborhoods more urban than suburban

    • wicked obvi

      Annnnd they said “wicked boujee” which is a dead giveaway for someone from New England

    • N

      Definitely MA since they used the word “wicked” ?

  3. Nana

    Good for her! This has to be the story of many wives/mistress in UAE… really think the hot ladies are with the rich dudes for personality? That goes both ways….and maybe they have great convo. iDK

    • Wicked Boston

      Completely agree!

  4. MAchick

    I lived in Newton. I walked down my street and was in Waltham. So, yes, it’s a really boujee town but Waltham isn’t boujee. So, depending where you are, you’re either close to Watertown or close to Waltham. Newtonville is different. Don’t get me wrong, Waltham isn’t ghetto by any means. They’re just completely different feels.

  5. Patty

    The Newton girl? I’m in the town next door. Newton can be $$$, but it has other, more affordable sections too. It’s a big town! 2 high schools.

  6. Judgey wudgey

    Wow whoever wrote this sounds super judgey and a little jealy no? Just me? Lol sorry!


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