From a DM:

I was just listening to your podcast and
I actually have some gos in relation to
the blind. The husband of the former
housewife who has dumped his kids for
her, also seems to be very flirty via
social media. He spends a ton of time in
NY and after seeing me comment on
something unrelated to him or her (I
follow neither), he sent a follow request,
then slid in the dm’s. I noticed after I
accepted he then unfollowed me but
sent me more dm’s asking if I was in
NYC and how he’s here a lot and what
do I enjoy doing in my free time. I
assume he unfollowed the minute I
opened his dm’s so no one would
notice. He didn’t say anything super
flirty but his intent was clear to me and I
just didn’t engage. Anon please.