What could’ve been….Housewives of Hawaii?

Jun 7, 2022

From: Housewives in the (Hawaiian) Islands Baby
Email: honoluluhousewives@peacockmessedup.com

Subject: The franchise that could’ve been

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Earlier this year, Peacock was trying to cast an all Asian American housewives franchise in Honolulu. They interviewed a looooot of women for it and there was a lot of local buzz and excitement. My friend who spoke with casting said it was being billed as Bling Empire meets Real Housewives. For whatever reason though, they ended up pulling the plug. Needless to say the women are disappointed- they were excited about the possibility of an all Asian American housewives cast. I guess Peacock decided to go with Scottsdale instead…

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  1. lucy lucy

    this is so disappointing. bravo NEEDS more diversity not just “sprinkling” in a few POC to make it “progressive”

  2. Gossip

    Scottsdale has been in the making since before the pandemic.

  3. Michelle obama

    Hope it’s not true we don’t need more of the same ol same ol in another state. That’s why I’m hyped on dubai

  4. Jane

    I think a lot of the native people of Hawaii already have an issue with tourism and a tv crew and media attention would only do more harm to their native lands and animals. Plus I’m sure the production cost would have been huge

    • Crazy Rich Asians

      This would have been amazing! Asian wealth is such a different beast, and Hawaii is obviously gorgeous (even as overdeveloped as O’ahu is). I’m bummed.

  5. Seriously??

    Really? Scottsdale over Honolulu? Scottsdale is one of the trashiest cities I’ve ever been to. It’s a no for me dawg.


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