Real Housewives of Winnetka!

Jun 7, 2022

From: Just Someone

Subject: Family affair

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My girlfriend and her sister are two of the seven women who filmed for The Real Housewives of Winnetka. Cast photo was shot in the Home Alone house. Think very much old money, six of them are full time. They only found out they were Real Housewives last month. They have a housewife from Jordan that will be the queen of the franchise. They did a cast trip to Boca Raton. And four of the girls went to Maui for a vow renewal of one of the sisters. I was there and cameras were present.

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  1. David Beador

    A vow renewal! Now we know that housewife will have a Season 2 or 3 divorce storyline

  2. Chicago born and raised

    Finally! Chi Town in the house!!

    • Actually from Chicago

      It’s not Chicago tho…

  3. Bravo lady

    This had too many spoilers in it. Please hold back at least a little

    • BL

      Are you joking?! If you don’t want spoilers, don’t read it. It’s on you to avoid being spoiled, not on other people.

      • Be more considerate

        Are YOU joking? How can someone know not to read something when they have no idea what it’s going to say? There is no reason to expect spoilers in a blind about an unconfirmed show.

    • Winnetka house wife

      Why isn’t it The Real Housewives of Chicago…..Winnetka just doesn’t have the same ring to it ?

      • Chicago born and raised


  4. bravowifey

    A Boca Raton trip?! Oh no honey. Chicago can do better than that!

  5. Chicago

    I’ve heard years ago that they tried to make Chicago happen and they couldn’t get enough ladies they weren’t interested.

    • North Shore mom

      Yes, I think it was lake forest and it caused a lot of fights during filming so they opted out and walked away from the money, which I’m sure shocked the producers.

  6. North Shore mom

    This is sooooo Winnetka! IYKYK!! Can wait to watch.

  7. Clueless

    Where TF is Winnetka


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