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Jun 7, 2022

From: Mr Peacock

Subject: New Housewives on Peacock

Spill It to
Three new housewives franchises are going to launch on Peacock in the Fall 2022-Winter 2023 lineup. The new cities are Nashville, which is almost complete, Scottsdale that is in casting right now and Winnetka who have wrapped season one. Winnetka will air along side RHOM in the fall. They have internally greenlit all three shows as Peacock’s The Real Housewives of Winnetka, Nashville & Scottsdale. Keep your eyes pealed.

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  1. Housewives hoedown

    Is this the thing Aldeans the wife and his sister were filing for?

    • Ac

      You had me until keeping my eyes pealed

  2. Lost

    Not me googling where Winnetka is…

  3. SDL

    Can’t wait to see Winnetka, Illinois

  4. Weezie

    Grew up in Winnetka and I can’t imagine it being a Housewives town… people are not flashy or dramatic like on other HW shows. Hmm.

    • Lo

      This is what I thought too. Oak Brook is much more flashy.

      • Eyeroll

        Oh great. I’ve lived in Scottsdale for 20 years. It’s nicknamed Snottsdale for a reason. That’s all we need is to show the bratty mean girls of Scottsdale.

    • ChicagolandNative

      Yes!!! I can think of much flashier suburbs than winnetka.

  5. Debbie downer

    Am I the only one that hates this partnership with peacock? I don’t like how everything is being pushed through that network

    • Marie

      Makes no difference to me. I already have Peacock, and if I didn’t, I’d get it just to be able to watch Bravo shows without ads.


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