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Jun 6, 2022

From: So Pathetic

Subject: Nashville Party

Spill It to
I was at the Aldeans pool party this weekend and Kim Z and crew were there and they were trying so hard. They were loud and obnoxious, trying to bring attention to theirselves. They were so annoying. You could tell Brittany and Jason regretted inviting them. I had second hand embarrassment for them. Look nothing like the pictures they post. Honestly, they were w**** t****.

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  1. .

    This is laughable. Is this the Aldean’s PR team. Kim Z may be trashy, but the Aldean’s are worse.

  2. Tara

    I’m not shocked at all ! But I need to hear more about their annoying behavior. Would love to know why they didn’t wear salty k to the party?? You know, their swimsuit company !!!!

  3. Trash Attracts Trash

    Well – the Aldeans are pretty trashy, too – but Kim Z has ALWAYS tried to hard and has always been loud and obnoxious. She is the epitome of white trash raising white trash. She is just trying to stay relevant because she is broke as a joke.

    • Sheryl

      What makes the Aldean’s trash?

      • Gross

        Blatant racism and Covid-denying is pretty trashy

        • Trashy

          That plus literally drinking 24/7

  4. Come on!

    Theirselves isn’t correct… themselves.

  5. Palm Beach

    I noticed this looking at Kim Z’s stories vs. the Aldean’s stories posted. Kim Z was shouting and you could tell she was trying for attention, the Aldean’s stories had no mention of Kim Z and her clan.

    • Ang

      Brittany just posted a pic of her with Kim Z and Kroy.

  6. Veronicar

    So are Kim and Brielle a lot bigger in person? I see tons of claims on Instagram that they photoshop the hell out of their pictures to make themselves look thinner.


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