Jun 6, 2022

He’s is spiraling. He’s blaming his soon to be ex’s show “storyline” for his infidelity. Calling her a liar and saying she’s doing this for the show. So she made him cheat for the show?! Lol . Guess the courts aren’t ruling in his favor regarding him evicting his wife and children from their estate. Her karma post makes perfect sense now. She’s not backing down! Allegedly.


  1. Anon Obvi

    I hope Lenny goes down honestly. Lisa was never my fave, but no one deserves what she’s going through. If anything, it looked like she was the only one trying on the new season and he was completely checked out. IMO

    • Where’s the lie


  2. MamaBravo

    Lisa and Lenny, and good for her!

  3. Cry Baby

    Yessss Lisa!! Get it all – audacity he shamed her into having a family & now that he has one tossing it aside for a side piece who will leave him when the money dries up.

  4. Winelovinmama87

    Get it Lisa!

  5. LoserLenny

    He’s scrambling because he’s not getting what he wants. What a piece of garbage that twirp Oompa Loompa is.

  6. Lisa’s 3rd Child

    I hope crazy eyes Katharina leaves Lenny but not before she gives him an STD and Lisa and the kids take all!

  7. Get that money

    No court is going to make a mom and children leave their home – he’s a real piece of shit for trying

    Take it ALL Lisa!!!!!!!!!

  8. DrWifeWhoDoesntUnderstandOtherDrs

    With them not together I don’t see how either of them can afford that house.

    His net worth is $50mil their house is worth $52mil and I’m sure they mortgaged the heck out of it.

    She is extremely high maintenance (and I’m sure he is too) just to maintain their estate and keep their lifestyle she definitely won’t be able to afford it even with spousal support, housewives salary which you cannot count on long term, and a medspa buy out (that allegedly they’re only part owners of) and this is all dependent on their prenuptial.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hope she takes him to the cleaner. I just don’t see how any of this is realistic.

    • Hmmm

      They didn’t pay that much for the house at all. Not even close. They got the land for very cheap in a set of shady circumstances and then built the house there. If they sell it, sure it could sell for that much, but that’s definitely not the cost to them. It will definitely be interesting to see how they split assets though, I’m not sure they have as much money as everyone thinks…

      • Spend it faster than he makes it

        Yeah and they apparently ripped off designers with fake items, allegedly. Also, what happened to their yacht? If I was her I’d move into their condo on the beach vs attempt to afford that house. I think they have a ton of debt and not a ton in the bank.


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