Bestselling fraud….

Jun 6, 2022

From: Publishers Clearinghouse

Subject: Bestselling Fraud

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So this former bar star is going heavy on the defense of her “Best Selling” book. This is all PR and lies to cover her and try not to back peddle her back where everyone hates her. My husband works for a company that creates the best selling lists for multiple products – apparel, sporting equipment, and books is his department. When I asked about the former bar star’s book he said they flagged it immediately for suspicious activity and bulk orders. He also said that the majority of books in the NYT are pay to play. The real best seller books can be found from the NPD group best selling lists, they are based on actual sales data and you can’t buy your way on. Basically the NYT best sellers list is just a giant scam and anyone can buy their way on, former bar star just got caught.

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  1. Titsmcgee


  2. Katie


  3. LVP

    It’s obviously Stassi. Her writing a book is a joke. Girl wants her 15 mins back.

    • A

      More than that.. I’m shocked she can spell!

  4. Pickle ball

    Wonder why Lala didn’t do the same. I’d think Rand would definitely do that.

    • Anon

      Rumor was she wanted to do this but rand couldn’t afford it and that’s when Lala began to see ALL of the writing on the wall. Allegedly.

    • M

      Rand could not pony up the dough…that’s part of why Lala the ho split. The cheating was a cover; it was all about the $$$$$.

    • LMK

      My theory is that Lala didn’t think she would need to buy her way on. Or, possibly, Rand was too broke to do it for her

    • Meg

      Cause he’s broke

  5. Bish please

    She actually addressed this on her Patreon podcast. Bulk orders were placed for several book signings. I truly believe her innocence in this. She really is more normal than people want to give her credit.

    • NormalGirl

      I agree with this.

    • Preachhhhh

      I second supporting this comment

    • Amy

      Yes! And to those saying she can’t write or spell, she actually has a bachelors degree in English!

    • Hihihi


  6. Alana

    I mean A LOT of writers do this. This isn’t new so for it to all of a sudden be a scandal b/c it’s stassi….pretty sure every housewife who ”wrote” a book ALSO did this. Kinda not that big a deal…..

    • Oh yes

      The NYT also flags any suspicious “bulk order” type best seller on their list with a little dagger next to the name

  7. Serena

    Stassi is and has always been a fame whore. She’s entitled and privileged, and a snobby, racist woman. Gross.

  8. rhonj

    I guess Teresa would fall into this category as well?

  9. Queeny

    I don’t understand the Stassi hate, if you listen to her podcast you can tell she is genuinely sorry for her past stupidity. And I actually liked her book so I don’t really believe she paid to get on the list. Unpopular opinion, sorry not sorry

    • Ashley

      Totally agree.

    • Ken

      Sorry not sorry I also agree

  10. Laura-Leigh

    She’s literally an moron with no chin from the South. Next. Wait til her daughter gets her real chin. Yikes.

    • Chelsea

      Wait is something wrong with being from the south? Asking for a friend

    • momo

      I’m no Stassi fan, but there’s no reason to bring her child into this

  11. Blah

    Imagine that about the NYT…


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