Old school Jersey is back!

Jun 4, 2022

From: NJ Gals
Email: manzo@.com

Subject: Manzo x Giudice x Cabral x Catania

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Producers are trying to get Caroline Manzo to make at least 2 appearances this season – first meet up with Dolores to talk about Teresa & then a sit down with Teresa. Between Dolores & Caroline posting that pic a few months ago & getting fans excited, Teresa getting married which will likely feature Dina, & the newbie Danielle Cabral being step-sisters with Caroline, Dina, & Chris Laurita’s niece – they feel this season is the perfect time for Caroline to step in. Negotiations are happening now that filming has already started – but Caroline won’t settle for less than 100K for EACH sit down.. stay tuned, old school Jersey is back baby!!

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  1. Anita

    Yasssss!! Old school Jersey is theeee BEST!!

  2. Becky

    Pay her whatever she wants and then some. We need some Manzo back in Jersey to put T in her place

    • WYKYK

      I think she deserves even more $$ lol.

  3. Kathryn

    Give me all the Caroline!!!! Dying for her to come back! Give her all the $$$ and a sign on bonus!

  4. Georgia

    Can someone help explain how someone can be step sisters with Caroline and Dina AND be Chris Laurita’s niece? I could totally be reading this wrong but I need help understanding the relation… lol Thank you!!!! Xxx PS YES YES YESSSSSS WE NEED CAROLINE ??

    • K

      Chris, Claudine and Caroline are siblings.

    • Bravo Bravo Effing Bravo

      She’s step sister of the niece of Caroline, Dina and Chris, who are all siblings.
      The niece is Candace Laurita

    • Lady K

      The new Danielle is Caroline’s step-niece. Danielle’s step-sister, Candiace, is Lauren Manzo’s cousin and best friend.

    • sss

      pretty sure that she’s related to lauren in someway (caroline’s daughter) but she’s not a step sister of dina chris or caroline directly. it’s not blood it was just through marriage — i think

  5. WhoreforRHONJ

    Omggggg this is EVERYTHING!

    • Glamgirl

      Chris, Caroline and Dina are siblings. Candice is their niece and step sisters with newbie Danielle Cabral.

  6. Fuck Caroline

    Yuck she’s disgusting and anyone who wants to give her a platform is also disgusting.

    • JC

      Hiiii Teresa!

  7. Thickerthanthieves

    I’m ambivalent. Seasons 1 and 2 of RHONJ were absolutely the gold standard, but none of those people are still friends and you just can’t recapture the magic.

  8. Nana

    Could care less for Caroline bc she supported Dinas mobbed up ex ….. like mafia

    dinas ex paid a dude to maim dinas new man…..(breakin and rough up)

    The dude who did the maiming then held a fancy wedding reception at the brownstone. Discounted bc mob

    Brownstone is a fav for the mob dudes….old jersey might be back…like mob jersey

    • BooksBravoCats

      According to Dina, Dolores also wrote a letter of support.

  9. About damn time!

    Pay her the 100K!! Caroline is NO nonsense and is the only one who will stand up to Teresa and her BS!!

  10. Rinna sucks

    gimmmmmmme Caroline !!!!

  11. Rinna sucks

    gimmmmmmme Caroline !!!! Pay her whatever.

  12. Bravo bravo bravo

    It will be interesting to see if the sit down between Teresa and Caroline happens, Dina forbid Teresa from filming with her months ago, but if Teresa needs the money now since Luis got “fired” will she defy Dina’s wishes??


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