Jun 3, 2022

From: Cool Ranch
Subject: Don’t be ridiculous

Spill It to
This West Coast Housewife who was ‘triggered’ by
the media at an event on November 10th, had already
given en exclusive to Extra TV (posted on November
9th). Looks like she’s having trouble keeping her
stories straight, but she’s playing the victim role very

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo
and Cocktails (


  1. Linds

    Everybody keeps saying this. But what she said was she was only ready to talk to friends. And they show her talking to Teddy who is one of her best friends.

    • Spillit


      • Lisa


    • Sarah

      Teddi who was getting the scoop for Extra TV. It’s not the same as only talking to friends.

  2. Goodbye Teddi!!!

    Did you watch the show? Teddi is NOT one of her best friends.

  3. Jlove

    Her calling Sutton self absorbed for not giving her a heads up about press. Who’s self absorbed now!! Hmm. I get she’s going through something very traumatizing but don’t speak badly about a coworker when you just talked to the press the day before. Common now!

  4. Titsmcgee

    Pshhh Teddi is not your BFF and she was being employed by ET. So it still looks thirsty and sketchy DORIT

  5. Hoax

    Sorry I may be confused but does this post insinuate the burglary wasn’t real?!!? Need details

    • Drizzu

      Some are questioning if this was a set up for insurance money considering all the stories about alleged and factual money issues that are out about them. Certain parts of her story about the robbery have been changed/omitted per alleged police reports that are now online. I really don’t want to think she will do this (fake it) with her kids at the house.

      • whenLVcomestocollect

        I have a theory that it was the casino owners sending their collectors over to collect on those PK debts. It seemed like access and the departure were way too easy and only purses and a couple of expensive watches taken? How much did he owe them? Why not take her jewelry? Her story of what went on inside the house is just speculation, but leaving a cell phone by the gate? Wouldn’t true robbers want all her financial info off that phone?

  6. Itsaboutdorit

    She’s not playing the victim role very “well”, she’s playing the victim role very”hard”.

  7. TT

    She said she only felt comfortable talking to friends… Teddi and her are friends… the Fox Force Five or whatever lol.

  8. She isn't faking it

    She felt safe with Teddi as opposed to some random reporter. I think this is a stretch to think this means she lied. Even though teddi covered Kyle’s event, she feels comfortable speaking to her and doesn’t to these other reporters. Idk to me that makes sense.

    • Dorito

      I agree it’s not far fetched to feel comfortable with Teddi and not a random reporter. But to get rude about Sutton having press there and not telling her is a little extreme. It should have been expected and all she had to do was what she did do – go in and bypass press. It’s just not a big deal.

  9. Enough

    She did t say the paparazzi shouldn’t be there. She said Sutton should have told her. She would have arrived in a back door if she had just told her. She has every right to not want to speak to press. She said she was only comfortable talking to friends. And her interview was with her FRIEND Teddy.
    Don’t like Dorit but the hate she is getting over this is so wrong.
    I was raped at gunpoint when I was 22. I reacted much like her. And if someone told me I was not acting how a real victim “should” I would have cut them off. I didn’t grieve the way society wanted me to. So I was deemed a liar. Until he broke into the apartment next door and did the same exact thing. Then suddenly I was so strong and stoic.
    This is why victims of crime don’t report. People are always so quick to label them liars.

  10. Peggy

    She posted about this. Said she spoke to Teddi because she is her friend & it was planned out in advance so she was prepared to answer. She was not told there would be press at Sutton’s event so she was not comfortable talking to them last minute due to the anxiety it caused her.


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