Close your legs to married men…

Jun 3, 2022

From: Anon Anon

Subject: Step daughter!!

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The former peach’s step daughter is loving seeing her “step mom” get dragged. Word on the street is her new boyfriend was married. Well her step daughter feels vindicated. Out of respect for her dad she always kept quiet, but not anymore. All that “close your legs to married men” stuff. She wants everyone to know her dad was very much married years ago when the peach got together with her dad. So it’s a pattern?

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  1. D

    Nene and not surprised. Dude is either married or not. Period. No one wants to hear any of this “they’ve been separated since X date” or “they are in the process of divorce.” If they aren’t legally seperated (which is a thing in some states, but requires paperwork, I think) or he has filed for divorce which is easy enough to show in court papers. Otherwise he is married.She’s a hypocrite.


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