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Jun 2, 2022

Several decades too late. I was blocks
away from the explosion in California
where he stole money from the
victims… let me tell you that the town
was traumatized by this event. We were
UNHARMED and yet I couldn’t hear a
jet overhead without panicking and
having a flashback for years ( and we
were by the airport). This man took
trauma and doubled down on it. In the
preview where Erika insinuates that
maybe the victims were lying made me
so ragey! This is ten years later and it’s
an open wound. And he’s been doing
this his whole career. Disgusting!


  1. EJs lost conscious

    I was so upset when she said that and thought about people like you who are still traumatized. I’m really sorry. That woman (used loosely) has no tact.

  2. Erika suxs

    Erika is foul, full stop.

  3. Jess

    I actually gave Erica the benefit of the doubt before watching this season, but her lack of empathy makes this impossible. It is vile to not show some type of remorse or empathy, regardless if it’s directly your fault

  4. Pernicious Mess

    I’m so sorry you had to deal with that.
    Her vile words weren’t lost on anyone who isn’t insane (Rinna- believing every lump of turd that comes out of her a**hole mouth!)
    She shouldn’t be allowed back. Her disgusting behaviour is being rewarded too much by Bravo.
    Like any wart, cut off its oxygen and it goes away…

  5. JC

    When she said that, I thought of everyone who is from the area and is still traumatized by the event. She’s the only as&j0le who thinks that. Everyone else knows he for sure stole that money.

  6. Meg

    Not sticking up for Erica, but I think she’s also in denial that the person she was married to all this time was stealing money. I also think she’s had enough of people pointing the finger at her. She shouldn’t have said that though.

  7. Lawyer

    You guys get that she has to say that as part of her legal strategy right? The hate towards her is truly bizarre. I’m an attorney and it really isn’t difficult to understand that she says things she’s been told to say by counsel.

    • P

      Really. Is counsel also telling her to snarl abs be hateful? Or is that just plain ole loveable Erika?

    • Hahahaha In Your Dreams

      Lol ummm, no. It’s the selective “I’m not allowed to say anything” for me. I don’t believe for one second you’re a lawyer. Definitely not a good one, at the very least. I GUARANTEE you that her lawyers have been telling her to say nothing at all from the beginning. In fact, they tried to dump her months ago because she refused to follow their advice. They’re not telling her what to say, other than “no comment” perhaps. Or “I plead the fifth.” Allegedly.

  8. Harry Hamlin

    I think she made her stance very clear last night in one of the confessionals. To me when she said “..and I never lose” while she looked down her nose so condescendingly it was absolutely disrespectful and disgraceful.

  9. JC

    I don’t think she LITERALLY meant the victims could be lying, I think it was more of an analogy that it’s still a huge crazy open court case and ANYTHING was possible to happen. I also just think that analogy means it’s far from over. I don’t think people understand she can’t go on the record because of this, she can’t say anything. I would be sick and tired too of people pointing the finger at me when my big timer, crook of a lousy husband caused all this.

  10. Trish

    She LITERALLY said there is reason to believe the cases are false. That is clearly accusing the victims of being liars. Better to keep her mouth closed about the still ongoing cases, than to go on the attack on a reality show, falsely claim much is resolved and accuse the victims of lying about receiving their settlements. Does herself no favors with this combative stanc.


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