His own channel!!

Jun 2, 2022

Jeff Lewis may be getting his own Sirius XM channel! They sent around a survey a few weeks ago and asked about interest specifically for a Jeff Lewis channel. Allegedly.


  1. Kristy Divis

    This is awesome! He is the only reason I listen!

  2. Amy

    Yes please!

  3. Katie M

    Jeff Lewis is the only reason I still have SiriusXM.

  4. T for D

    If this is true…shout out SiriusXM! Also, I sure wish SXM would stop censoring his show!

    • Allyson

      The censoring has gotten out of hand. Do you think it’s the company or Gage via lawyers?

      • T for D

        Jim said they are just “saving him from himself” which makes me think both could be true. Jeff seems to handle everything just fine and without their help. However, I can see Gage going after SXM. SXM seems to dislike when Jeff talks about the woke universe we live in. I think they might sensor those comments. The censoring really disrupts the flow. I would follow Jeff to Patreon and ditch my SXM account.

  5. Jess

    He’s the only reason I subscribe. I adore him!

  6. Christy

    His show is amazing. Imagine the chumps having their own shows. So good.

  7. HB

    His show is ok but that’s the kiss of death for mediocre podcasters, hopefully he stays put

  8. TBNT

    I’ll Pass

  9. JK

    IF IF he gets booking support.
    Too much Kelly Dodd Tamara MJ
    and Shannon Beador would be a disaster.
    You see in his Instagram post when he announces certain guest it’s all no nope I’m out etc


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