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03. Announcement; Update on Miami tea; Going OFF in the comments

B and Amanda share a big announcement and talk about the podcast’s ratings on the Apple Podcast charts. B has an update on the Miami tea. Amanda questions what it really means to “step down” from a company. RHONJ is filming again. People are popping off in the comments on the website and B & Amanda share of the most commented-on posts on

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B (00:00):

But she’s gotta do it. She’s doing what Lindsay’s doing. And unfortunately they have different agendas or they did last season, right? It could be different next season and they can team up. So we have to always good reality stars have to give us good content. We don’t wanna watch the person who agrees with everybody and who makes everything okay? Because guess what? They don’t get asked back,

B (00:30):

Welcome to cocktails and gossip

B (00:32):

The podcast where

B (00:33):

We drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tea. We chat reality TVs, celebrity blinds, and the hottest heat from Bravo a B.

Amanda (00:43):

And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea

B (00:51):

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Amanda (02:27):

And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea. Okay. So can you believe that cocktails and gossip was number one in our category?

B (02:39):

I <laugh>, I can’t, it was very exciting and flattering and super cool, but I cannot at all, believe it. I actually found out Amanda knows because Tamara judge shout out to our friend, Tamara hit me up in my DMS and she’s like, girl, you’re number, number one, your podcast is number one. Like by Friday night we were number one, like four hours after launching. And it was very cool. And thank you. Thank you. Thank you to all of our cocktailers for tuning in and I hope you continue to tune in.

Amanda (03:15):

Yeah. It’s because of you guys and it’s been so much fun to get on there and look at the numbers and see what’s happening. And so, so thank you guys so much. Okay. So let’s talk about Miami because last pod, we spoke about all those rumors. And at the time, literally when we were chatting about it, they were all just kind of a combination of some speculation, some photos, and then some rumors.

B (03:47):

So this is what I, we were talking a little bit about last time where we put puzzles together. And I really felt that what I was given and <laugh> the information we were giving was going to add up to him, leaving for the mistress. And at the time of our recording, he was denying it, right. He was saying, there was no divorce. There was no affair, everything was fine. And she wasn’t saying anything at all. So all we had were the speculation of the incident at the club. I had the picture that was sent to me, of the husband with the mistress at carbon. And I had people in the know telling me he is leaving her for this woman. Sure. Enough days later, he made a statement and confirmed that they were separated. So you say to yourself, okay, first you’re denying it. Right.

B (04:44):

You’re denying it on a Monday. And by a Friday, you’re saying that you’re separated. You’re also claiming that you have been separated for a while and that your spouse is aware and you know, whether or not the spouse wants the separation. Right. Because sometimes it can be one sided, but you’re saying that they’re aware of it. Okay. So we had said on the pod, like this wasn’t true. It wasn’t true that they were separated. The wife was not aware that they were separated and you know, Amanda, our feeling on it or ourt if you wanna call it, that is that the white didn’t know her statement was that she was blindsided, that she was devastated and that she was focusing on her children. So to me, that kind of seems like, you know, creating a timeline.

Amanda (05:37):

I don’t know. I think the whole thing seems a little sus to me. I mean, the fact that they didn’t put out a joint statement, like literally everybody else does when they’re getting divorced. Right. Seemed a little strange to me. And like we talked about last week, carbon is not where you take, like somebody you’re trying to hide because the paparazzi hang out there.

B (06:04):

Yeah. And that’s the part that’s a little bit like jumbled for me. Right? Because on the one hand I see the denial because I see the creation of a timeline. Now I’m not an attorney and don’t play one on TV, but your wife agreeing, or at a minimum, being aware that the marriage is over is a better case scenario than belligerently carrying on with another woman in Carone. One of the biggest hotspots in Miami. So I’m a little confused as to why he first denied it. And then so quickly confirmed it. I think that probably Lisa was gonna make a statement. And so he wanted to get ahead of that. Right. That that’s what makes sense to me.

Amanda (06:42):

Yeah. I am betting the fact that they didn’t make a joint statement together. There’s probably a message to be inferred there as well. Who knows what it is, but

B (06:53):

The message is this is about to get very messy.

Amanda (06:56):

Yeah. I know that, you know, there’s been a lot of rumors about them or whatever, but if they didn’t put out a joint statement to me, that to me does not spell out and they’re putting out singles like that to me does not spell out. Like, we’re, you know, we’ve agreed to this. This was happening. Nobody blindsided. Right.

B (07:17):

Right. And you know, this is not just some woman. Okay. So if we go back to what we know and what we shared it’s that this is someone who based on social media interactions is a friend of theirs. They follow each other at the time. Obviously they probably don’t all follow each other. Now they followed the husband. What really doesn’t sit well with me is the mistress came out and she made a statement. So her statement was something like, <laugh> mind you, her new, older, wealthy, very much married. Okay. Boyfriend. So her statement is about him and her and that they were supporting each other through their respective divorces. I mean, I’ve heard of therapists who, for support Amanda, but mistress. I mean, please, the whole situation is just tacky to me and you know, good news for us is we’re gonna get to see it all. Yeah. My heart goes out to Lisa because you know, it’s just a mess.

Amanda (08:10):

Yeah. Yeah. I, yeah. And by the way, I was listening to Heather McDonalds podcast the other day, and she had Spencer Pratt on

B (08:24):

And love

Amanda (08:25):

Him. They know the mistress. I think she dated Brody is

B (08:30):

That he was, and that’s what we mentioned last time. Remember I said that there was a Laguna beach connection cuz she was dating

Amanda (08:34):

Brody. Yes, yes, yes, yes,

B (08:36):


Amanda (08:36):

I mean you guys sometimes even be speaks and codes that I don’t always remember.

B (08:41):

<Laugh> yes,

Amanda (08:42):


B (08:43):

Is dating. But listen, this woman has been on the come up since she reached us soil. Okay. Yeah. And just when I tell you that he’s been acting wild, someone sent me comments on various posts on Instagram, where the husband made, and this is months ago, very thinly veiled attempts at hooking up. I mean, I post them on Bravo and cocktails, things like somebody would put like a flame on a picture of him and his wife and he would write like DME let’s meet up. Like, I mean, and I know you guys are gonna get sick of hearing this, but it has to be said, this is rumors. This is gossip. This is alleged. But you know, these are posts that exist on Instagram or that they did at the time of this recording. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> so like you’re on Instagram, you’re openly asking very attractive INTA models to send you private messages. It’s just a mess. And then somebody commented on his post. Something like, how could you do this to her? You know, mm-hmm <affirmative> and he went in on the woman’s appearance, like, look at you, you should get some stuff done, like all this kind of stuff. And it’s just, I mean, if we didn’t like the guy before, we really don’t know.

Amanda (09:57):

Yeah. For sure. I just, yeah. And echoing your thoughts. My thoughts are with Lisa, cuz I think it must be awful to go through that. So publicly and have children and know that the children will see some of this stuff down the road too. So

B (10:12):

Our eyes are peeled and our ears are open. We are waiting and we will report back cuz it’s all coming in.

Amanda (10:21):

Yeah. And yeah, we’ll be, yeah, we’ll be watching. So onto another Miami topic, I also saw on social media. I bet you did too, that Dr. Nicole and her fiance, Anthony had their engagement party that looked like, I mean so amazing. But I mean, it looked like it could have been a wedding to me like that. Nice. And they were dressed like he was in a white tux. She was in a beautiful dress, like looks amazing.

B (10:53):

Amazing. I wish I was invited. The people that I saw post Gurdy was definitely there. We saw her post. Julia was definitely there. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and I believe Marisol attended because I remember seeing like, you know, an Instagram story of her with makeup on that night, it looked like she was on her way. I’m not sure off the top of my head. I don’t remember seeing the other ladies post about it, which of course doesn’t mean they weren’t there. Right? Not everybody posting real time. So obviously we were all looking for Lisa and we didn’t see her now her and Dr. Nicole, we know their friends, their kids are around the same age and they play together. So I have to imagine that, you know, this all was happening days apart. And I mean, the woman was blindsided. You can’t tell me that she wasn’t and you know, not to go backwards, but I’m going to, it’s so interesting to me because whatever judge is involved in this case is gonna see all of this. Like this is all so public. It seems so odd to not get your ducks in a row and prepare for a divorce when you’re a public figure. Like to your point, celebrities make joint statements. I’m sure a lot of times it’s BS, but they kind of come together for both of their public images to be like, okay, how can we make this look, you know, as best? How can we tidy this up?

Amanda (12:13):


B (12:14):

<Affirmative> and there was none of that. None of that. So yeah, so Lisa was not at the party. But the party looked amazing. They had like, what do you call them? Ariel dancers where they like, like what pink did at a concert a couple years ago where you like flip around that hoop mm-hmm <affirmative> and it just looked incredible. The women of course looked gorgeous and Nicole looks so happy. And so did Anthony and we’re so happy for them. And I can’t wait to watch. I hope we get the wedding. I don’t know if we’ll get it this season, right? Because we’re gonna get the engagement party. But I hope next season we get the wedding.

Amanda (12:48):

They are the cutest couple too. I mean, both of them are just gorgeous and successful and their kid is, I mean, it’s all just fun to watch and it’s good to see when we are seeing this other drama. That’s sad drama. It’s good to see this happy love story as well. Hashtag

B (13:09):

Couple goals.

Amanda (13:10):

Yeah. Seriously. <Laugh> totally so, okay. Let’s move on to Jersey and the reunion because when we taped last, we had not seen the final, I believe. And so during that Louis shared that he was asked to step down from his company.

B (13:32):

Yeah. Which this is a company he founded, right? I mean, that’s what we’ve always been told. That’s what I know to be true. So I don’t know the intricacies of his business. I don’t claim to know them. But being asked to step down from a company you founded is sort of suspicious either. You’re no longer a majority owner of the company, which again, we don’t know that to be the case or you choose to step down for other reasons like optics, perhaps. I don’t know. I mean, we’ve heard a lot of different things guys, alleged, alleged, alleged lawsuits, things of that nature. And I mean, these are allegations, but it’s been reported. This is not, this is not a Bravo and cocktails exclusive. This is mm-hmm <affirmative> this is out there. This is a lot of stuff that has been publicly reported. So later, so that, that was filmed. I mean, the reunion was filmed a while ago. And when the last show aired, they all, all the men went on, watch what happens, live, which, you know, we love them. Right. We all love the Jersey guys. So that was great. And on that episode he said he was still unemployed, like months later.

Amanda (14:48):

So back to your point about optics. Cause I’ve been thinking about this, right? Like we don’t know, like you said, we don’t know the intricacies. What if he was asked to step down as the public head because, or, and then is still, you know, having income come in from that company because of it could be that cuz I would imagine if you started a company, it would be pretty dang hard. Like yes, you might get asked because there’s lots of things happening, you know,

B (15:18):

You’re not gonna stop my check. It’s still my company.

Amanda (15:21):

Right. And so I’m like, I don’t know. I don’t know if I believe it the way that at least they implied it.

B (15:28):

So was that like, was that like a play the victim role maybe like

Amanda (15:32):


B (15:33):

Yeah. I mean, and I have to say again, so many people were like, oh you see, he’s so nice. I don’t know. The way I saw it is he sat there and had everyone liking him and agreed with Margaret. And clearly Theresa was not on board with that. She looked like a deer in headlights. Like what are you doing? Why are you giving her a hug? So like you are the good guy. And she’s just the belligerent one. When you know, behind closed doors, I’m sure he’s in full agreement with her because if not, why would she have been so shocked at him saying, no, I don’t blame you. I forgive you. I think you had my best interest. I mean, these are all things he said at the reunion and you have her sitting there, like what, what do you mean? And all she could say was he’s a gentleman. Yeah. A gentleman who leaves his fiance in the lurch looking like she’s bananas because she’s not forgiving.

Amanda (16:30):

I don’t know. Yeah. I, maybe this is his first step, like going off the rails. But the other thing, cuz I’m thinking about again about this whole situation. So if you’ve started a company right. Either, and you’re saying you’re stepping down either, you are asked to step down and then you’re no longer the public publicly part of the company, but there’s still money kind of coming to you or you’ve been bought out. Right. That could be a possibility. And the reason you are being bought out can be for many different reasons or you have some sort of thing in your contract that says, if you, you know, a morality clause is what people in the marketing business will call it. Like you have a morality clause. That’s like, okay, you’re out. You know, if you do X, Y, or Z, right? Because honestly, if you put all that, that money and time and effort into a company, you don’t just get asked to step down. There’s a lot more to it, which is why I’m like, why aren’t we, you know, is it because of lawsuits against the alleged? Well, no, it’s not alleged. These are law. There are lawsuits against the company. Is it because of that? Is it because of the things that have been coming out in the press,

B (17:45):

Even who knows even still Amanda, if you’re a name, I mean I could quit Bravo and cocktails tomorrow. Your name is attached at the date of doing something. So if you wanna dance, you’re gonna have to pay the band <laugh> and that’s just what it is. You can’t, you know, Jen Shaw can’t just quit, whatever marketing company she has and say, I quit. So I’m out. I, you know, I’m off this lawsuit I’m done. And you know that that’s who the company’s troubles have been compared to is Jen Shaw. And again, I haven’t really dug deep into it to know. As a matter of fact, I really didn’t put much weight on it. I honestly thought maybe it was just people making something of nothing. It’s the stepping down. Well, he was asked to step down as he put it that really made my antennas go up to say, maybe there is something to this connection that they’re trying to make between. And not that Jen, Shawn him work together. I don’t mean that. I mean her troubles and his troubles being similar sort of troubles, kind of it kind of tracks. Now that I’m hearing, he stepped down not to mention, I mean, you must still be collecting a check because did you see that fancy PJ? He flew his fiance and all her girlfriends on a beautiful Caribbean vacation.

Amanda (19:02):

No, I did not. I don’t think I followed him on social media. Well,

B (19:06):

I certainly am blocked, but I saw, I saw like other accounts reposting. Oh yeah. PJ. I don’t know where they were. Be honest with you, but it was, it was an island of some sort with beautiful water and sand and I would’ve very much liked to be there with a different group of people. <Laugh> and so a private jet, I mean, it’s one thing, you know, to go on travel zoo and get your wife a weekend away with her girls, but a private jet and an, you know, an exclusive five star resort. Sounds like somebody who’s collecting paycheck somewhere.

Amanda (19:41):

Oh wait, so wait, was he not on this trip? It was a tree center or girl, her girlfriend.

B (19:45):

So he was there and I think, and then it was a bunch of just her girlfriends. And then I think, you know, they’re very good friends, Dina who was a former New Jersey housewife and her husband was there. So I think the only guys were him and Dena’s husband, I guess, because like it was a girl trip. So maybe like the two guys hung out together or whatever. I don’t know.

Amanda (20:03):

I was this Teresa’s 50th

B (20:05):

Birthday. It was Teresa’s 50th birthday. Oh yep.

Amanda (20:08):

Interesting. No, I did not see any of this. And so wait, I’m confused. How do we think? Did anybody say that he was the one who paid for the trip?

B (20:20):

Well, so the only current housewife who was there was Jen Aiden, but in her post she was like, thank you so much, Louie, for our beautiful trip. So clearly he footed the bill to some extent. I’m not saying he paid for every meal, who knows? Maybe he just paid hotel and whatever, whatever it is, he paid for them to fly on a PJ and go to a very fancy resort.

Amanda (20:43):

Hmm. Yeah. That seems to really track with somebody who is unemployed

B (20:47):

Really seems like someone who’s down on their luck. Doesn’t it?

Amanda (20:50):

<Laugh> if that’s down on your luck, I wanna be down on my <laugh>.

B (20:55):

I’m telling you

Amanda (20:56):

Just kidding. Knock

B (20:57):

On you next year, Amanda, next year. Me and you want a PJ? My treat

Amanda (21:01):

Let’s do it. I in, okay, so let’s see what else has been going? Oh, there was another situation. Speaking of Louie on page six, this like this week.

B (21:13):

Yeah. And again, as I said, last episode, I don’t repost this stuff, but for anyone who’s interested, there is a police report from an ex. I believe it was his ex-wife. I don’t know. I can’t keep up. There’s a lot of Xes like fiances, like not just girlfriends, you know, like real, real serious stuff here. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> I don’t know how many fiances it’s like, didn’t wait. Oh my God, Amanda. You know, it just came to my head. Remember Theresa slamming on the table, engaged 19 times to Danielle sob. And now she’s marrying somebody who’s been engaged, like at least 15 times, like the irony. Oh my God. I just came to my head. That’s funny.

Amanda (21:50):

That’s so funny. And it’s so true

B (21:52):

This week they had the first, the first all cast. So ladies got back, I think on Tuesday and they got back on Wednesday. I don’t know. And the next day they were at a roller skating rink in Staten island. I don’t know why Staten island. I know the new girl that they’re testing Danielle is from Staten islands. I don’t know if it’s just the only skating rink around. Cause there’s not that many of them anymore. It was an eighties theme. Maybe it looked very eighties as I would imagine, most skating rinks that still exist due. That was sort of their era

Amanda (22:23):

<Laugh> yeah.

B (22:24):

And everybody was there. A lot of people were like, why was Traci there? Listen, they don’t just cut people cold. Right? How long did Kim D and Kim, whatever pee. I don’t, I don’t know. How long did they float around as friends or you know, side characters. So, you know, they invited them and listen, there’s always the hope that somebody’s gonna stir something up. And if you stir good, if you mix that sauce, you can get air time. And so Tracy was there and our girl, Jackie was there. I say our girl, cause I like her not cuz she’s actually my girl

Amanda (22:59):


B (23:00):

I’m just rooting for her. Like listen, Luann was demoted. She came back stronger.

Amanda (23:05):


B (23:05):

<Affirmative> there was another person I can’t think of who, but like people get demoted and they come back or in the case of like Brandy from Beverly Hills, she was a friend of, and she got more screen time than anybody. So yeah. You know, don’t count her out just yet.

Amanda (23:20):

Yeah, totally. Wait. So back to this whole trip with the PJ, do we think it was filmed? Was the timing right around the same time?

B (23:29):

I don’t think it was filmed. I don’t think it was filmed. The first all cast was the day after they got back. If we’re gonna see anything it’s going to be, you know, like, you know how, when they’re on their way to a trip and Beverly Hills will show us like their own footage in the PJ.

Amanda (23:45):

Yeah. We’ll

B (23:46):

We’ll see that. Maybe we’ll see a clip of them at dinner or like partying, but we’re not gonna get like a sit down dinner because the only one there was Jen.

Amanda (23:55):


B (23:56):

You know? Yeah. So

Amanda (23:57):


B (23:58):

Interesting. And maybe well purposefully because

Amanda (24:02):


B (24:02):

Dolores, she didn’t want it. No Dolores, well, Dina was there and you know, that’s a strong beef, so she’s not gonna go,

Amanda (24:10):


B (24:10):

Yeah. So now it’s not gonna be filmed. They, you know, her first confessional will be about what a wonderful trip she took that her gentleman of a fiance paid for. And we won’t see any of it.

Amanda (24:24):

<Laugh> well, I also saw that Caroline went on her son Al’s podcast and said that she would be interested in returning.

B (24:35):

So I was surprised because I always felt, well, Caroline did walk away in her own accord and they got a spinoff. And then I think the kids were at like, you know, stages of their lives, where they wanted more privacy. They were older, they were starting businesses. And as much as reality TV helps businesses, you know, when you’re young and single or dating and engaged, it’s a lot, it’s a lot of pressure to have the cameras pointed at you and gossip accounts like myself and others commenting. Is he still with her? Is she still with him? And all these sorts of things. So I think as a family, they made that decision mm-hmm <affirmative>. So when she came out and she said like, she’s told Bravo, but she said that she’s got a very high price tag and you know what, listen good for her because <laugh>, that’s what we wanna see.

B (25:20):

I would, and not, not even for the Theresa aspect. I love the Manzo. I love Caroline, I think. And she’s great friends with dolo. So like, I don’t know. That would be very interesting because you have Theresa having not invited Dolores to the engagement party, which she seemed to not mind her, but I mean, you know, come on, you, you have to mind she’s had your back and you don’t invite her because she’s single at the time. And she’s very close with the Manzo. I mean they recently had, I believe it was the 60th birthday for Caroline a few months ago and Dolores was there. So it would be interesting if she came back, cuz that would put, whereas Dolores has always been able to take the easy way out because Theresa’s her, you know, friend from, I don’t wanna say childhood, but like, you know, young twenties

Amanda (26:09):

Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

B (26:10):

That would put her in a spot because so is Caroline, you know? And she may arguably be better friends with Caroline. We don’t see that. Right, right. Because the Manzo are no longer on, but it seems like based on Dina’s aversion to, it seems like dolos is better friends with Manzo than Theresa.

Amanda (26:34):

Well, I would absolutely love to see Caroline on 100%. I think that she, Caroline does not fit the typical housewife mold. And I love that she speaks her mind. And while I don’t necessarily identify with this because I don’t consider myself old school, I love and appreciate how old school she is. I think that she really, truly is that way, but she doesn’t use it as an excuse for bad behavior. Like some other people do.

B (27:08):

Yes. And so Caroline’s old school in like the family aspect. I don’t think she’s old school in the same way that we almost use it with Jersey these days with a bad connotation. Like you should accept certain things because it’s old school. I just feel like Caroline has old school family values, which is like, you know how you should be. I think honestly I have to tell you, Caroline reminds me of my own mother in many ways. I mean just that like matriarch and that strong force.

Amanda (27:42):


B (27:42):

And how she’s so protective of her children and listen, I’m a huge fan of Caroline. Yeah. So I’ll take her back in any capacity. I actually tweeted last night, I was like, watch what happens? Live Caroline and Manzo. What do we have to do? Andy? We’re begging <laugh> or something like,

Amanda (28:00):

Oh, I saw that. Yeah. I I don’t think I even told you this, but I rewatched the first season of New Jersey when I had COVID. And so, you know, when you’re sick, you’re just kind of in and out and sleeping and whatever. But back to the whole like starting businesses and stuff, Chris, was it Chris? Yeah. Chris is her other son. Right? Chris Abby, Chris, Chris, Chris is talking about how he wanted to start the strip clubs and car washes. And I’m like, why didn’t he do that? He should. That would be great.

B (28:30):

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Amanda (30:26):

Hey, it’s Amanda here. And I wanna tell you about a product that I have been using since 2019, it’s called freedom deodorant. It’s a natural deodorant that actually works. The story behind it is kind of cool. The founder had three friends who were going through breast cancer at the same time. That part is obviously not cool, but the founder says that all of their doctors told them how important it is to use natural products on their bodies and to stay away from anti Perran. So she tried a natural deodorant and it didn’t go well. So she decided to create one that does. So back to me, I first found freedom deodorant for the first time in the spot, my gym, they were selling travel sizes. So I figured I would try it until then. I was always buying an new deodorant like every few weeks because they would work for a couple weeks and then they would stop working.

Amanda (31:20):

So I tried freedom and I was shocked at how well it worked period. But then the fact that it was a natural deodorant really blew me away and I have been using it really ever since. So my favorite SC is ment mint, but it comes also in lavender, citrus, Franken sense, peach and unscented. They also have other natural products like antibacterial wipes and shower spray, too. Freedom products are aluminum free cruelty, free chemical free vegan. And they really, really do work. You can buy them at freedom, We got all of our cocktails, a special discount for just for cocktail and gossip listeners. So use code gossip for 10% off, go to freedom, and use code gossip for 10% off your purchase. Find your freedom today.

B (32:23):

Well, they actually, so they, they own at the Asbury hotel. I don’t know if they own or they, they manage the entire hospitality like they’re doing very well. And here’s a little scoop. I have, they were actually filming a show there at the Asbury hotel, which was sort of a Vanderpump rules.

Amanda (32:43):

Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

B (32:44):

Style. I don’t wanna overspeak but I think that, listen, they’re very successful. Obviously their, their family, their dad’s very successful. My friend, actually my best friend got married at the brownstone. They’re very successful. And I don’t know, and I don’t wanna claim to go into like detail. So I think what happened was as they were filming, they just saw that it would be a lot. And you know, when it’s like anything else, right. When you leave something at first you’re relieved and then after some time you start to miss it mm-hmm <affirmative> and then when you go back, you’re like, I remembered why I stopped doing this. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and I think that’s what happened with the boys and the filming of their, you know, I think they do catering in restaurant or hospitality services. I, I, what I heard was it was something like that where they were just like, you know what? And then it was a COVID situation. So everything was paused. Yeah. So again, it’s something that we may see in the future. I think with them, the dollar’s gotta be right, because they have money. So right. You know, I’m not doing it for a couple bucks,

Amanda (33:53):

Right? Well, especially not to distract from your business too. Right. And if your business is successful and it’s going well, and you’re doing something that could potentially, you know, get in the way of how well your customers are treated, if people are popping off that are supposed to be bartending <laugh>

B (34:11):

Right. Whereas

Amanda (34:12):

I could see,

B (34:13):

Whereas with old school Jersey, it was a benefit to their dad’s business because it was mentioned it was featured, but it was not the focal point. The focal point was the families and the women. Right. You’re talking about a show like Vanderpump rules, where the focus is the establishment that provides your salary and your employee salaries. Right. So, you know, you’re muddying the waters there. It’s one thing to get mentioned a lot and have the business come in, like aid in plastic surgery or HODs plastic surgery. Yeah. It’s another thing when you’re filmed in the business and that’s the show and it’s your nurses or your waiters, it becomes a lot more. It affects the business a lot more.

Amanda (34:58):

Yeah. I think. Totally. Okay. So New York, you texted me last night that you have some scoop that you guys, I haven’t even heard this yet. So this is like super I

B (35:08):

Know. And I know you were annoyed at me cuz you were like, what is it? And I was like, you wait <laugh> I hope I didn’t build it up too much.

Amanda (35:15):

We’re all hearing it at the same time guys. <Laugh>

B (35:19):

Okay. And the reason I was excited for it is because it’s a very good source and okay, this is not about legacy. This is not about the spinoff that is gonna have some, you know, the ladies who’ve been on it before. This is for the all new Rony, right? Cuz they’re doing two, they’re doing a legacy with the women we know and love. Although we don’t know which women it’s gonna be <laugh> and then they’re doing a new one. There have been rumors that they’re gonna, cause I think people are obviously guessing they’re gonna go younger. Right? Mm-hmm <affirmative> so there have been a lot of rumors and I’ve received a lot of them that it’s gonna be centered around Ebony and or Leah, not true. Ebony and Leah are not on Rony the new edition, whether they’re being considered for legacy. I can’t speak on it. Doesn’t seem to me that they are. But certainly it’s possible. This is just about the spinoff. So it’s all new New York city women. One week of casting left. The goal is to have decisions made by the end of June, the women in the mix. Amanda. So good. That is all I’m allowed to say. And that is all I will say, but so good. And no and no I’m not one of them <laugh> imagine if I was, I’m not anonymous. I’m on the new Ronny.

Amanda (36:43):


B (36:44):

That would be great. My

Amanda (36:45):

Drop. I would totally watch that. So if they’re gonna find out and like be cemented by June, then that means they could be filming as soon as

B (36:53):

Filming in the full, just like the old days.

Amanda (36:55):

Okay. Which I love, which that they start in the Hamptons and then it ends up being beautiful. New York city and new

B (37:01):

I’m New York, new Yorker, New York in the fall into the holidays is the most. And we all love the summer, but New York in the fall is magic. It’s just something it’s like a new beginning. Everyone’s back. Right. Mm-hmm <affirmative> because we all travel so much and we have summer homes and camp and so fall. Yeah. Like we’re all back. And in New York it’s like new school year for our kids. We’ve been away from each other and it’s like fresh start, I guess. I mean I’ve only ever lived in New York, I guess it’s like that other place is obviously, but in New York it’s very much so because especially the women we’re gonna be seeing mm-hmm <affirmative>, you know, they have homes in the Hamptons they have, or you know, homes in other places abroad. So yeah.

Amanda (37:47):

Hmm. Is that a hint?

B (37:50):

It may be a hint. It may be. I’m not allowed to say anything else. Stop getting me in trouble. Are

Amanda (37:56):

Your driving be crazy? You guys, she won’t tell me who

B (37:59):

My sources to keep selling us stuff. True. Amanda?

Amanda (38:03):

True. True. True. OK. Okay. Okay. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Okay. So then we have what we’re making kind of a regular feature on the podcast where we talk about a recent post from the website and then the comments, because like we like to say sometimes this like people are going off and is going down in the comments. So this one is about summer house and you guys like people have opinions with a capital O about the summer house crew. So why don’t I read the post? And then we can talk through some of the comments because we are, people have all kinds of opinions and this is not just a one-sided thing. I think people

B (38:55):

Really I’m say before is like me personally. And with Housewives, I always have like people that I’m like, I don’t like them. Like, there’s always a couple that I’m like, they’re not for me with summer house. I really like all the people mm-hmm <affirmative> so when they fight, I try to, it’s almost like when my friends fight, right? Like I see both their sides. There are times where I’m like, okay, Amanda’s more wrong in this situation. It doesn’t mean I dislike my other friend mm-hmm <affirmative> so that’s how I always feel about summer house. Like I, I like all the ladies I really do. So when they fight and like, when I read the comments, sometimes I don’t even wanna let them on the site cuz I’m like, ah, I don’t want them to trash them. But then I’m like, listen, you gotta let the people talk. Right. So

Amanda (39:38):

Yeah. I totally agree. And I do too. I love them all. I think they’re all like very different if they

B (39:44):

Didn’t have any disagreements and we just watched them party, like what are we watching? We do that ourselves. So right. You know, they need to have that. It is a reality show. I think the viewers sometimes take things so seriously and they go, so team one or I’m team Paige I’m team, Lindsay, Lindsay, and Paige are gonna end up making up. And that’s just what it is. They’ll be out there next summer. They’ll get past it. They may have a new beef or they may unite and beef with somebody else. I mean, this is the way this show goes. We’ve seen it time and time again. So,

Amanda (40:15):

And that’s one of the reasons we love it. Yeah. Okay. So here’s the email it’s from summer house lines drawn part two. I don’t remember if there was a part one, but this was the post that people went off in the comments for reference. It is like one of the, like one of our very top, most commented posts. So the subject is confirmation of my tea. Alex just posted APIC of the different quote, unquote sides, showing thet. I sent you about the six of them who are truly friends who hang out together often. And that’s Alex, Danielle and Andrea, Luke, Carl and Lindsay and Alex, Andrea and Luke were all unhappy with how the reunion went for their friends and made it clear after taping, which only made the divide stronger. The photo Alex posted was from a dinner that they all went to post reunion. Kyle and Amanda were not invited out by either side. Kyle is still kind of friends with the OGs, but Amanda is causing a strain on his friendship with the other six. Yeah. So that is the post. And we won’t bore you guys with all of the comments, but we pulled a couple of ’em out to talk, like just to read,

B (41:35):

I got a lot of flack for posting this <laugh> but I mean, Hey, listen, I don’t tell anybody else how to do their job.

Amanda (41:45):

<Laugh> I saw,

B (41:47):

I’m just saying,

Amanda (41:48):

I’m saw a picture that this person is talking about. And it was sort of like, wait, why aren’t they all at dinner? Or at least, I mean,

B (41:57):

And, and like, and I’m not gonna repeat what I said before, but like the, these things happen and then people make up, I mean, it’s not that serious. So, so some of the opinions were, I feel like I’m watching a different show than all the other Bravo blogger accounts, Lindsay. So awful to people. Everyone loves her this season. If her friend acted like that, you’d hate them. She’s good TV, but terrible friend, but Danielle to everyone, but Danielle and call who both don’t hold her accountable to be clear. Lindsay’s trying to make good TV. That’s my opinion on it. And it, you know, is there casualties in that season to season? Yeah, obviously. I mean, mm-hmm <affirmative> you can’t have it both ways, right? If in real life you were friends with Lindsay. I have no doubt. She’s a really good loyal friend. As you see her be too Danielle and her now boyfriend, Carl mm-hmm <affirmative> on a TV show. She’s gotta play the game. And if you think everyone else there, isn’t playing the game either. Come on.

Amanda (42:54):

Yeah. I do agree though, that, that, that Carl, at least on

B (42:59):

Camera, I’m a huge page fan. I love Paige. I think she’s adorable. I think she’s a, a really good person, but she’s gotta do it. She’s doing what Lindsay’s doing. And unfortunately they have different agendas or they did last season. It could be different next season and they could team up. So we have to always good reality stars have to give us good content. Right. We don’t wanna watch the person who agrees with everybody and who makes everything okay. Because guess what? They don’t get asked back.

Amanda (43:28):

Yeah, totally. I have to agree that I don’t at least on camera, Danielle and Carl do not seem to hold Lindsay accountable. I would agree with that. Here is another comment that I actually had the exact same thought. So it says when she told Maya, when Lindsay told Maya about not going out with them, I, my jaw dropped. It was definitely mean girl. But then they were buddy, buddy. Then she made buddy, like they were buddy, buddy when she was hooking up with a guy who was friends with Oliver.

B (44:03):

Okay. Guys editing. Okay. So I don’t know how many of you saw this? I believe it was watch what happens live. Maybe Lindsay posted it on Instagram. Her and Danielle had tickets to something. So people without tickets couldn’t go. She explained that to Maya, Maya, wasn’t mad at her. Obviously what’s gonna look juicier. You shutting out the new girl on camera or you nicely explaining to the new girl. I’m sorry. We had to get tickets. And we only have two and the new girl saying, no problem. We’ll go out tomorrow night. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> so like Maya, wasn’t mad about it. You didn’t see that the reunion, it wasn’t a thing. Like, you know,

Amanda (44:40):

I totally agree. I think I was like, maybe this was cuz when you watch it at the time, you’re like, Ooh. And then when you see that they weren’t mad at each other. I’m like, okay, there was clearly something that was edited out. Right. Okay. Here is another one person who says that, Lindsay, isn’t that great to Danielle either that it seems like Danielle walks on ed like shells around her and no way would Lindsay ever have Danielle’s back the way she has hers. And by the way, we’re not just picking on like the comments don’t just pick on Lindsay guys. This is just how the conversation kind of unfolded on the site.

B (45:15):

I disagree with that. I mean, Danielle is a smart woman and she wouldn’t be friends with somebody who didn’t have her back as much as she had theirs. So again, maybe that’s what viewers are seeing based on the footage we see. But I, I don’t think that’s a reality. Yeah. My opinion. I mean,

Amanda (45:33):

Okay. And so here’s somebody else saying, why was everybody so happy to excuse Lindsay’s bad behavior, but they couldn’t do the same for Sierra. I don’t understand the lack of grace for Sierra. And I think it’s such BS that Alex and Luke are quote unquote, real friends with Lindsay and Carl, but they’re not hanging out off camera.

B (45:56):

Sierra had a bad season. And so the, the reason she had a bad season is because she liked Austin, who is an absolute dork and viewers couldn’t <laugh> there is no love lost. I mean, I have to tell you something. Okay. I can get a lot of things. Right. I can like, you could see it. Like I’ll, I’ll give an example. I’ll use certain char as an example, like Shep isn’t somebody I would go for mm-hmm <affirmative> but I can see like why somebody would, you know, he is, got a certain way about him. He’s got a trust fund, you know, there’s things. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> Austin. I genuinely just don’t get it. Not attractive. I mean, he’s tall, but like, is that the criteria on which we fall in love, height. He’s not attractive. He’s not nice. He’s like, I’m not, I mean, some girls like that, like I’m a Dick, you know, I’m too good for you kind of way.

B (46:55):

I don’t like that at all. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> I, I don’t even understand how Craig’s friends with him to be honest. I know that sometimes they’re not friends, but I, I think they’re friends now, but they go back and forth because he’s just like a, he’s like to the man born, but he’s not like Shep really is to the manner born. And so when he, and he doesn’t even act like that as much. So I think that’s why Sierra had a bad season. I think, because she was so hung up on this guy. She let it cloud her judgment and the viewers couldn’t understand why she was hung up on hin.

Amanda (47:25):

Okay. Here’s another comment somebody is saying, wait, why would you say Lindsay is boring, Paige and Sarah sleep or in bed? Every episode <laugh>,

B (47:34):

I’d say personal offense to this because when I’m hungover, that’s exactly where I am. So like gimme a break. They’re like they party all night. They stay up late. They lay around in bed and that’s where they’re getting their conversation. Should they get done up and sit at a table? And then people would be like, oh, these girls always have to have a full face of makeup. You sometimes you can’t win on a reality show. I disagree with that. Cause you know, if, if I have a girl’s weekend and we’re out all night, you’re gonna find us laid up in a bed with some snacks and some liquid IV Bravo on cocktails, underscore 15, save 25%, some liquid IV chugging it. And when I feel a little bit better pouring my next glass of Perseco so enough with the bad comments. I, I’m not a fan of those comments. Those people do not know how to party.

Amanda (48:20):

That’s funny. And it’s so true. I can only remember so many days in my twenties where we are just laying around. Totally. Yeah. Okay. Last comment. So this person says this is a long one. I love the passion that this show has brought up, Lindsay. Okay. Again, let me just say guys, we’re not reading these cuz we agree with everything. Some of these things are just funny. Lindsay. It says Lindsay is a nightmare who makes really great TV. Paige is a sneaky mean girl who didn’t have Hannah’s toxicity to hide behind the season. Sarah is a weak flop who first followed Hannah onto the Luke hate train and then spent all of last summer pining for Bravo’s biggest. Boy. Yeah. Amanda is annoying. Wier who plays both sides. Dan yell’s entire personality is being fiercely loyal to Lindsay. Maya needs to start begging some cookies, a cookie drop. Isn’t a thing, Andrea is this season’s

B (49:26):

Freak. Didn’t hear this comment. This is nasty.

Amanda (49:30):

Should we not finish?

B (49:32):

No finish. But like if somebody talks bad about Andrea, we’re gonna have a problem.

Amanda (49:36):

Oh no. They say Andrea is this season’s breakout star that you love Andrea.

B (49:41):

Okay. So here’s my opinion on it. And I don’t mean to sound like so because you guys know, I can give a rough opinion. I think that with summer house, you’re seeing the character that the producer wants you to see and they’re going to skew it. And I guess they do that with the Housewives too, but it’s different because the Housewives have a lot of stuff going on. As far as like families and all that, where with summer house, it’s just a person and it’s just a weekend and it’s just a snapshot. So keeping that in mind, it’s like, yeah, they, you know, when Hannah was gone, they had to put that on somebody and who isn’t gonna like Andrea

Amanda (50:20):

Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

B (50:21):

I mean, he is perfect based on what we’ve seen on a reality show, which doesn’t mean he’s perfect. Obviously I’m obviously a huge fan of his, but every dog has its day. Yeah. And he’ll get the bed edit next. You know what I mean? They build him up to tear him down. That is reality TV.

Amanda (50:40):

Well, and I feel like, cuz I, now that I’m like reading these things out loud. Cause when I first started it, I was like, wow. But Amanda

B (50:47):

Look at Luke Luke’s first season. He was the, I lo oh my God. When Luke popped on the scene, I was like me. I like a blonde. Okay. Yeah. That’s the first thing you need to know about me. I was like, oh my God, he’s beautiful. And he was so cool and you know, was motorcycle the whole thing, athletic handy, strong outdoorsy, tough. Love it. And then they’ve tore him to shreds.

Amanda (51:12):

Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

B (51:14):

For what? He didn’t even do anything bad. I mean it’s reality TV guys.

Amanda (51:19):

Well, and yeah, I’m like, I feel like I need to say what I really think about all of them, which is I actually really like every single person on this show be at like to see them on our screen. Like I love to see what Paige is wearing. I think what like Sierra and Maya brought to the show by kind of calling everybody out. But I also just like, like, I think

B (51:46):

They had the most productive conversation on race.

Amanda (51:50):

I know that

B (51:52):

Any show on Bravo had had, they were so United in that moment and it was beautiful to watch. It really was beautiful and it made me happy to see that for all their like Tom Foolery with the drinking and the hooking up and the sleeping all day, you know what? They got a lot of good in them.

Amanda (52:14):

Oh yeah. And like the people who say they have like drinking problems, like I’m sorry <laugh> I always watch this show and I’m like,

B (52:22):

I’m sorry, but so do I, so what’s the issue?

Amanda (52:24):

What would, I mean, what would people think if they saw footage of my last girl’s trip,

B (52:30):


Amanda (52:31):

Where, I mean, it’s like this kind of stuff like this is, you know, you, we’re not seeing them on a normal Tuesday night for a reason. Right? This is when they’re like partying and having fun. And like of course they’re gonna,

B (52:47):

It’s quite literally their job to party.

Amanda (52:50):


B (52:50):

Yeah. And if they weren’t drinking, like Carl, everyone wants to say, oh Carl’s boring. Cuz he’s sober. So like you can’t win for losing.

Amanda (52:58):

Right. Right. You

B (52:58):

Drink too much. You’re an alcoholic. You get clean, get him off TV. <Laugh> I

Amanda (53:03):

Mean it’s yeah. Anyway. And I, I do wanna say too, like in defense of Carl, I don’t think he was boring at all. I think he was the opposite of boring. So

B (53:16):

It was a beautiful thing to see and, and like sober aside. I think we watched him grow

Amanda (53:20):

Up. Yeah, totally.

B (53:22):

You know, I think he’s like so many Manhattan guys where you’re good looking, you have this opportunity, you’re on television. These beautiful women are throwing themselves at you and you, you go all in and then a couple years into it, you take a step back and you’re like, this isn’t fulfilling at all. Yeah. Like what is it that I want? And that’s why the Lindsay relationship is like such a beautiful thing because they really know each other. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and they really like who they are as people. Right. You know? And I could tell you something I’m happily married and ain’t nothing like the real thing. And that’s the truth that’s so I wish them well.

Amanda (53:59):

Well, thanks to everybody for listening to cocktails and gossip today, before we go, we just wanna ask you a quick favor. Please do subscribe to the show. So you don’t miss any episodes. If you’ve subscribe, please do go to your podcast app and hit those three dots and share the podcast with your friends. But of course only the friends who want the hottest tea and you could always find Bravo and cocktails underscore on Instagram and check out the website because there is so much good tea put there every single day. And that is a tea that would get us kicked off of Instagram. And that is it. Bravo and Thanks everybody.

B (54:41):

Thank you guys. See you

Amanda (54:52):

Guys so much for listening. Just wanna ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you subscribe, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like good tea, because the ones who don’t care about tea, then like forget them. And don’t forget, find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily that would get us kicked off of Instagram, the

B (55:30):


Amanda (55:31):

Which is why we have the work. It

B (55:32):

Has gotten me kicked off Instagram. Yeah.

Amanda (55:34):

Multiple times. Yes. And so now we’re smarter and we just put it at Bravo and cocktail star, then you know,

B (55:41):

Better. You do

Amanda (55:42):

Better. <Laugh> so thanks for listening everybody.

B (55:45):

Bye guys. See you next time.