A bully?!

Jun 2, 2022

C******* S******* is possibly THE most
unpleasant woman ever. I say that
having known her briefly and I knew her
friends for a while. She’s a vile snob
with an inflated ego and a complete liar
used to “yes people”
So I knew her through a London
socialite who is heir to billions along
with her sister (like all C
she talks down to everyone that isn’t
filthy rich, her guy has cheated on her
it’s well known in London circles that
the wedding was a band aid wedding
yet she played so cool about it. Shes
mean she’s a bully and she’s a total liar
who likes to pretend her life is nothing
short of wonderful. I can’t stand her
and I hope this show is her take down
This also is my “sleeper” account to
follow accounts like yours
Honestly you won’t meet a more awful person. Ever.


  1. Nunya

    Ooooooh Caroline Stanbury.

    • The SLP

      I felt like Sergio was a little too touchy feely with Nina when she arrived @ their house in last nights episode.

      Anyone else?

      • Phaedra

        Omg I noticed that as well! We will at least say that he felt very comfortable around her. That was wild to me. And out of Caroline’s view as well ?

  2. Pelo fan

    Caroline Stanbury. Not shocked at this. Plus her boy toy is a creep.

  3. Sarah

    Caroline Stanbury… that sucks, I love her.

  4. A

    This doesn’t surprise me. I think I’m in the minority but I found her harsh and unlikeable a majority of the time on Ladies of London

    • Ali

      Omg me too. Couldn’t understand all the love for her

    • Brandy

      Yes, she was almost unbearable to watch. Not to mention she is so judgmental about others all the while jet setting around leaving her kids to be raised by nannies.

    • Yes

      Yes me too!

  5. Anon

    I’ve always wondered where her kids are

    • Nana

      Being raised by nannies…..I think they would get her clothes dirty and that is NOT ok (the clothes getting dirt part…jk)

      • Greek Girl

        Yet she lays in dog pee… she’s awful!

  6. C. Stanbitchy

    Caroline Stansbury…she seemed pretty awful in Ladies of London to be honest

  7. I need my tea ?

    Thank you Chanel Aman for this tea ?!!

  8. Blahhhh

    I’m not surprised, she was pretty entitled and awful in the Ladies of London reality show too. Urgh

  9. Tom

    I’m honestly convinced her boy toy swings for the other team. Even though she’s harsh, no one seems more vile than Chanel Ayan. Narcissist at its finest.

  10. Kim

    Well she makes me laugh..plenty of snobs everywhere. I could care less!!

  11. Give me a break..

    My husband was watching the Dubai episode with my last night and we both laughed when she and her boy toy came on the screen. She’s an attractive 40 year old woman, but come one you can’t tell me he’s with her for love.

  12. Henny

    I’m going to take my own time form my own opinion. You have preconceived ideas about her. Give a newbie a chance

    • Nana

      Ick! No newbie….she was on Ladies of London for its seasons (all?). She was mean, pretentious and seemed to get a kick out of laughing about all us commoners…..non royalty or non billions

  13. Baroness

    She’s like Ramona for me, an awful person, but makes for a phenomenal reality television star

  14. Love her

    This person sounds truly hateful and vengeful. Seems fishy to me. Especially after watching her IG and listening to her podcast. Still a Caroline fan!

  15. Mlb

    Chanel is that you??? Lol

  16. Duh

    Uhm, that’s why she’s on your TV! Don’t hate the player!


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