C******* S******* is possibly THE most
unpleasant woman ever. I say that
having known her briefly and I knew her
friends for a while. She’s a vile snob
with an inflated ego and a complete liar
used to “yes people”
So I knew her through a London
socialite who is heir to billions along
with her sister (like all C
she talks down to everyone that isn’t
filthy rich, her guy has cheated on her
it’s well known in London circles that
the wedding was a band aid wedding
yet she played so cool about it. Shes
mean she’s a bully and she’s a total liar
who likes to pretend her life is nothing
short of wonderful. I can’t stand her
and I hope this show is her take down
This also is my “sleeper” account to
follow accounts like yours
Honestly you won’t meet a more awful person. Ever.