On the skids…

Jun 1, 2022

From: anon anon
Email: notgood@couple.com

Subject: Things are rocky!

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
This recently engaged couple is on the skids. The
relationship has become increasing volatile since
their engagement. She is older and now that she has
the ring she wants him to grow up. His public
persona is one thing but privately she is sick of it.
They had a great time at their friends wedding but
other than that it is a constant fight. Both are super
jealous, which does not help matters.

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  1. K

    MGK and Megan Fox

  2. Vanessa

    MGK and Megan??

    • Gg

      I am sure MF is not happy with the new young, cute blonde that joined the band either.

  3. Told Ya

    Bennifer? Only a matter of time and he’s been behaving more badly since he got with her (seems openly drunk and gone back to gambling)

  4. Kay

    MGK & MF

  5. JK

    Ben & JLo?

    • Grow Up

      MGK and Megan Fox… seen this coming

  6. HideYoKids

    Megan and MGK?

  7. Amanda

    MGK and Megan Fox.. seen this coming

  8. Amanda

    MGK and Megan Fox.. seen this coming

  9. Blood brothers

    Def mgk and mf! She seems so annoyed with him in recent videos

  10. Ssshhhh

    My first gut response is Scheana and Brock!!

  11. Lo

    Definitely MGK and Megan Fox. She always looks annoyed but the last few red carpet events she looked miserable. Does she know how to smile?

  12. Ek

    Schena and Brock

  13. MGK

    Well, when you start a relationship with someone when they are married to someone else there is jealousy.

  14. ouch

    but how is she ever going to get the ring off?! this is why we don’t design jewelry with spikes on the inside ??

  15. Nancy

    But I thought they were tWin fLaMeS

  16. Bravoholic843

    Brian Austen Green must be reading this and snickering right now like “yeah i knew that wasn’t going to last either” ??

  17. The ring will be painful to remove

    Megan no longer followers MGK on insta but he still followers her. Neither have posted and recent pics with each other. The latest being on may 25th. And she hasn’t been in any of his stories for what seems like a few weeks.

  18. Kristy

    No surprises these about MGK and Megan Fox. Too intense too soon. Their besties won’t be far behind them once the hype of the Italian wedding dies down.


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