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Jun 1, 2022

From a DM:

Hey, saw your post on Theresa’s
wedding site. Theresa herself is now
denying that they were asking for
straight up dollars as a wedding gift. I
can explain why that’s not true. She’s
lying so hard.
I’m a tech account manager for
websites just like the one they used and
I do integrations with payment
processors everyday. It’s not a scam, as
she claims.
Let me know if you want the full

black background with the word allegedly written on it in cursive and the @bravoandcocktails_ tag below it



  1. Henny

    Is Teresa’s wedding I think we should just leave it at that. Stop worrying about the wedding

    • India

      Agreed! A lot of people ask for this instead of gifts since they have a home already and don’t need gifts like a blender.

  2. ItAm

    I’m not sure why asking for money is scandalous. Did we expect them to say no gifts whatsoever? Come on. Besides most people give cash at a wedding anyway. Especially an Italian wedding.

    • Kat

      I’m not sure why this upsets people! When I got married, it was also a 2nd time, we’re older, we both had homes. We didn’t need anything. People still want to celebrate you and give you a gift. So we also did a honeymoon fund! In the end, everyone was happy ?

      • Tre Tre trash

        Except you’re not a reality TV star who’s fiancé claimed on TV that she never had to work again and boasted about their 15k sq Ft home. She’s just trash. Most in that situation would ask for donations to charity, especially during such difficult financial times for many.

        • She’s TRASH!!


        • sipsiptea

          well said!!! greed does not look good on her, but ….wait…she is always that way

        • Lisa

          Thank you! Well said! It was tacky of them to ask for money. But that’s all Teresa is anyway.

        • Kjw

          Completely agree and I actually thought while reading her invite it was going to say that. Should have not expected class from trash

        • Yahoo


    • Jersey Crook

      Because Theresa and Louis are crooks! This is very on par for people who are so money hungry. “We have everything we need, but we will take your money.” Seriously can’t believe we are questioning why this isn’t a big deal coming from THERESA of all people.

      • She’s TRASH!


      • JC

        They’re the crooks!!!

    • JDP

      When you are 50 and it’s a second marriage, no gifts or donate to charity.

  3. Cool

    She’s Italian, he’s Portuguese, monetary gifts are both common and expected at many European weddings. It’s unfortunate she now has to spin this somehow. Ultimately, a guest should give whatever they feel comfortable, but this is not bad form in Italian and Portuguese circles.

    • Suzy

      He is not Portuguese, we do not claim that man lol

    • Italian girl

      Right?! We have a busta box upon entry lol (busta box …an envelope box for the monetary gifts)

  4. Cali

    Nobody is saying the website is fake. Someone is impersonating them by stating they want money for their honeymoon on that very real website. The money goes to the person impersonating them, not really them.

    • Old bride

      I used this site and you actually give money directly to the recipient, not through the site (cash/check). The site just tracks the amounts that people “pledge.”

  5. Tere

    Agree with previous comment. Giving cash at a wedding is completely normal.

  6. KCAC

    The custom of giving monetary gifts at weddings isn’t what’s in question. It’s the statements L had made on the finale about “having more money than anyone here”, supposedly losing his job bc of the show, lawsuits..lots of bad PR in general.. then to ask for money is what is raising eyebrows. Monetary gifts are normal, appropriate and commonplace….most don’t ask in the invitation for it ahead of time, most is given at the time of celebration.

  7. Miss Manners

    Just because it’s common, doesn’t make it less tacky or trashy. I have never heard of anyone asking for cash in advance. No one with an ounce of class would do this, especially given the times we are currently living in. She should donate it all to the families of those poor babies in Texas. Theresa is reprehensible.

  8. Christina

    I’m Italian – I get it. I’ve been to only one wedding that wasn’t a cash wedding. What I think why people are annoyed about is, even though Teresa is annoying AF, she’s on a reality tv show (getting paid) & has some huge fan base for whatever reason. Myself personally, I think its tacky when you’re a celeb or considered “wealthy” to be asking anything from guests. That’s where the invite should be “best wishes only”. She & her fiancé should have the money to be able to pay for the wedding they desire. If she cannot, then you should be downsizing your events so you CAN afford it. If her close friends choose to give a monetary gift that’s their business. But I do think its tacky for any HW for that matter to be having a wedding that’s not a “best wishes only”. Unless they’re broke-a$$es. Best. Wishes. Only. Or, here’s any idea live within your means & stop being greedy AF.

  9. Dee

    Its tacky as all get up! They want cash to pay for the wedding.

  10. JD KaWa

    This is EXTREMELY common, especially in NJ and almost always when it’s second marriages. They have a home and it’s full. What difference does it make where the $ goes? Italians always always always give cash anyway.

  11. Ann

    Who cares if that’s what they asked for. We got so much cash when we got Married that it covered the entire Wedding, My Dress, Flowers and even our Honeymoon and we had money leftover. Isn’t that the American way? You have a Wedding = People give you Cash as a Gift. Or am I missing something???


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