Mean in Miami…

Jun 1, 2022

From: Jane Smith

Subject: Mr. Miami

Spill It to
The split is as ugly as you would imagine. He is just
being mean and cruel. No care or concern for his
family at all. Not sure what he’s thinking, everyone is
going to see this play out on tv and I mean… it won’t
be good for business.

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  1. Expose him

    He screams narcissist

  2. Paul

    Lenny aka Dr hochstein. He’s never with his family but always with his side piece. Flaunting the new woman all over town

  3. Narcissistic a**hole

    He’s such a PIG! I truly hope this scandal costs him his business.

    • Tabaquito

      Not his business, please remember Lisa needs to provide for two small children. Wish him success, so Lisa can cash in! Let karma do its job! Happy Cockies everyone!

  4. But why

    For a man that claimed he wanted kids and a family he is acting like a selfish little boy who wants a shiny new toy every 5 months or so.

    • Winelovinmama87

      This!!! I was thinking the same thing!

  5. Future #rhom

    Take it all Lisa!! This man emotionally and mentally abused you for years! You are soooo much better off!!


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