What production rules did he break?!

May 31, 2022

He didn’t hookup with the contestant. He reached out to a female contestant in a flirty way but it never got to the point of them hooking up. She reported it



  1. Niki H

    Matthew Morrison. That’s disappointing, his wife had their second child last year.

  2. Anonymous

    I know it’s not scandalous but I heard he wouldn’t abide by COVID protocols

    • Sam

      That wouldn’t be it because he said himself that his actions could potentially make him bias. Not following COVID protocols wouldn’t fit.

  3. sipsiptea

    what a d-bag. however, he seemed like an odd choice for a judge.

  4. HBT

    I feel like I have heard something similar about him before when he was on Broadway.

  5. Selling BS

    I know she is a known liar, but didn’t Chrishell say he cheated on her years ago?

    • Not not Christine Quinn

      Yes! I’m almost certain she did

    • Janet from another planet

      Yes he was a shitbag in their relationship with the cheating according to everyone in the soap world which is why I never believe the Chrishell cheating on Justin narrative. She’s been there. Plus the timeline with Justin’s new woman just isn’t right and never has been despite why expensive PR says.

  6. Hope

    How sad for his wife. Why are so many Hollywood guys awful. They marry beautiful women (often more beautiful than they could get without fame) and then STILL cheat. It’s so sad this happens with the vast amount of famous men.it makes me wonder if their are any good guys left at all. Sad

    • Vmarsissmrt

      Apparently People mag has confirmed this now. I just saw quotes from people with the exact story you have here.

  7. Rhonda

    Help who is this


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