Respectfully declined!

May 31, 2022

From: Anon Please
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Joe and Melissa have respectfully declined!

Spill It to
Just seeing the RSVP for Joe and Melissa Gorga and
they have “respectfully declined” all three events!

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo
and Cocktails (


  1. Big Sue

    Don’t believe this. Someone with the credentials obviously declined for them.

    • Ann

      I find this hilarious…..Those two wouldn’t miss the opening of an envelope if it meant they’d be on camera! I’ll believe it when I see it. Actually this is as believable as Joe Gorga saying he’s quitting the show for good so there’s always that! 😂

  2. Sour sister in law

    Is Melissa that mad about not being a bridesmaid?

    • Karen

      Shes thanking Jesus she wasn’t chosen. 😅

    • Kate

      That’s what I don’t get I wasn’t in my sister in laws wedding either and were closer than Tre and Melissa. Not that serious.

    • Brooke

      According to somebody who got in (I saw screen recording) she is listed as part of the bridal party.

  3. Amanda

    Maybe someone respectfully declined for them when they found out they could log on.

  4. Jessy

    But couldn’t that be a fan that saw the website and password?

  5. Weddingpro

    No Joe, Antonia, Joey & Gino all rsvpd yes. Only Melissa “regretfully declined” all events

  6. bravo holic

    What were the events though?


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