Pass the mojito!!

May 30, 2022

From: Karent Sierra
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Pass the Mojito

Spill It to
There’s a lot of ‘pass the mojito’ going on in Miami.
Producers planned to have seven wives, however
there’s been a few changes as of recent. Marysol is
100% a housewife again. But, new cast member
Annette Prats has been bringing the heat and
producers want to give her a mojito but that might
come at the cost of a certain rookie from last season.
Expect the show to premiere earlier than it did last
year too.

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  1. Miami Newbie

    Hopefully they cut Julia, NOT Guerdy Nichole or Kiki!!

    • Mikko

      Amen! I would say X Juliana and Adriana.

      Julia is an opportunistic lesbian.

      Adriana is a greasy mess.

  2. Larsa P

    Hopefully they will get rid of Guerdy then

  3. Titsmcgee

    Marysol is a perfect friend of. She doesn’t need to be full time imo. All she brought was her obnoxious silly cup

    • No Thanks

      THANK YOU!!! She literally did nothing but be obnoxious with her stupid cup. She absolutely does not need to be full time

    • JC

      Exactly. She was just mean and catty. Very bad look for someone who isn’t perfect herself.

    • Miami heat

      Annette should replace Nicole and Julia.

  4. alwig20

    Please don’t let it be Julia.

  5. Miami


  6. rip mama elsa

    anyone ever wonder if producers are the ones who drop tea like this in order to get the cast to get it together lol

  7. M

    Love Marysol! And Alexia! Nicole can go…boring…won’t miss her.

  8. Rhonda

    Give KiKi a mojito!


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