Hard up ! ?!

May 30, 2022

Luke Wilson got in a fight with some people I was with that night because he owed their…

..company $5k. It was a huge thing. I actually think he’s worse than Dax.

I mean wow. This seems absolutely bananas lol lots of weird rumors about him though. Allegedly.
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  1. Jen

    Dax?? Dax Shepard is a jerk?? This makes me so sad!!

    • Mikko

      It literally says, He’s worse than Daz.

      Can you read?

      • Me

        CAn you? That’s an X not a Z lol

      • Nana

        It’s the wise gossip site reader who can double double check ;). High level editors here

        Dax owe $$$?

  2. Wilson

    Why you bringing Dax Into this? He’s ?

  3. Aglo

    Worse than Dax????

  4. The OP

    There was more to that post. I’m the OP. Dax was there (they were in town filming Idiocracy back in the early 2000’s before he was sober & will KBell). Dax made some gross comments & made a play for a hookup in front of my boyfriend. Declined. But yes, LW & a bunch of the guys got in a fight in the bathroom & bouncers had to break it up.

  5. Sara

    Why is Dax always mentioned? Who writes these “blinds”?

    Hey ya’ll I ran into Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Monroe. If you want the scoop, PM me!

  6. momo

    someone very close to me has worked closely with Dax in the past and said he’s a nightmare. NOT a nice person


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