Affair confirmed!

May 30, 2022

Oh 100% can confirm they did infact get caught together. Divorce is going down. She was also spotted hanging out with on Mother’s
Day….Obviously they hangout more, but that just shows that it wasn’t a one time thing. It’s a small town tight circle they run in, and it’s a shame they’ve ruined friendships, a marriage, and now their kids are going to have to deal with this in some way too. Bravo to K. for taking the high road…. And also not going after her friends significant others. Anon please

You may remember the post about an ex footballer, who is the ex husband of a beloved reality star. Well he allegedly had an affair with his friends wife while they were ALL on family vacation with their kids!!! This is more confirmation! Allegedly!


  1. C

    Jay Culture

    • C


  2. LaLa

    Jay Cutler!

  3. Anon

    Jay is gross but Samantha is the one who was married so it’s even worse for her to do this . In the end they both betrayed Trace. Can’t imagine the pain he is in.

    • Shrimps

      I think they had been messing around a long time? Like while Jay was still married too, Kristin just didn’t put them on blast and did what was best for her and the kids.

  4. Me

    Wasn’t there an accusation he had an affair with her friend the makeup artist that was on the show with them that she vehemently denied? Maybe looking more true now?

  5. Stephen Colletti

    I always wondered why Jay Culter has primary custody of the kids, Kristin only gets them every other weekend. Need tea on this

    • Samantha

      Where did you hear that? They split 50/50 is what I read?

    • Ashley S

      I though their time is split 50/50. One week on & one week off. Please share more of what you know then.

    • Jays

      I don’t think that’s correct. They have 50/50. One week on / off

    • Bob

      I don’t think that’s true. I’m pretty sure they’re one week on one week off

    • Ste-ven

      They have split custody and each get 182.5 days a year, so … that’s def not the case.

    • Who told you that?

      He doesn’t have primary custody. They split time with the kids 50/50. He has them for one full week and then she has them for the following full week, not just weekends.

    • Nana

      He def asked for primary…..

    • Lisa

      Initially yes, but if you follow Jay on IG you will notice he has the kids on all school days


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