May 27, 2022

It’s being reported that Julia Haart has lost her bid to prove that she owns half of her estranged husband Silvio Scaglia’s multimillion-dollar fashion company. Worse than that, her only steam of income is in jeopardy. Netflix has been sent a cease and desist. Her ex does not want her filming in his apartment, which is where the show has been filming currently or talking about their situation. It is long rumored that most of her story is fabricated. People from Munsey have shared with me that her entire story is exaggerated or false altogether. The first season was a hit but she’s been exposed. We may never get that second season. Allegedly.


  1. Tee

    Well we need a documentary or something because I need to know more about this ?

  2. Control Freak

    Always thought she seemed like a fake.

  3. Truth

    She always seems like a fake. To an extent. Clearly she did some
    Work in the industry. But judging off her weight the stress of keeping this bs going is taking a toll on her. Im sure shes not broke, but shes not that rich like her husband. And batsheva is beyond annoying anyways. If she spent half of the money investing properly that she does on designer clothing for her and her children she would not have to nickel and dime her ex-husband. Evidently he has seen the truth… Hopefully we all do too soon I’m all for a documentary expose the fakes!!!! Shes like a canal st handbag, you can trot it around town a couple times but eventually it’s gonna fall apart at the seams for the fake that it is Buh bye


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