Rude to nice….

May 27, 2022

From a DM:

She’s actually one of our clients too.
She used to be so cold and rude,
wouldn’t apologize for being late, etc.
but her assistant (Christin) was SO
sweet, always tipped generously on her
behalf. She’s no longer there!
But recently, post all the divorce drama,
she’s been EXTRA, extra nice and
friendly to all of us! Total 180! But now
unfortunately has a new assistant and
he is unprofessional and doesn’t tip at
all on her behalf!

*** about Julia Hart from My Unorthodox Life***


  1. Truth

    Lisa? Shes a t*at waffle so im sure this divorce is quite humbling as she scrambles. Doubt shes be destitute (haha shell still be better off financially than 90% it us) but time to flip the script to nice so people go on ur team?

    Not hard, lennys capt douche. Everyone in miami knows it

    • Steph

      It says right under it that it’s Julia Hart. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be there but it is.

    • Tee

      It says at the bottom it’s about Julia hart

    • Pay attention, pah-lease

      It says under the pic that it’s about Julia Hartt.

    • Reading Comprehension Is Important

      This is about Julia Hart, keep up babe.

    • Rhonda

      It literally says, under the submission, it’s about Julia Haart.


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