Hey Mr. DJ…

May 27, 2022

From: LA Tourist

Subject: Sober DJ

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Saw DJ JAMES KENNEDY at his C U Next Tuesday
event this past week and let me tell you, we must
have different definitions of ‘sober’ because he is far
from it. He was wild. Shirtless at one point running
around. I guess i shouldn’t be surprised!

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  1. Nana

    This is a dude who need anabuse or naltrexone (diminishes the “fun” drink feeling). He’s such a drunk and a nasty one

  2. p

    you could tell he was only sober for raquel and he didn’t really want to be

  3. It is about the pasta

    I mean – he’s a dick but I hate he has relapsed. His apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


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