May 27, 2022


samanthajrobertson Right back at you, babe

yellowyorange Hahaha, as she bangs Jay. Samantha is a terrible role model for her children. Hopefully the kids don’t grow up with her morals.

traceayala Samantha is my daughter’s mom and always will be. Any negative comments on here about her will be deleted immediately. 


  1. Anon

    Takes the time to write that but then he just continues to leave that comment, along with quite a few others about, Jay up on his page?

  2. Anon

    Is Trace the same guy that got cheated on by Elisha Cuthbert? And the JT said Cry Me A River was about that sit here and not Brit? (even though we know is was about Brit )

    • Anon

      That *sitch, not sit


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