About Big Poppa…

May 27, 2022

Remember Kim Zolciak’s Mystery Sugar Daddy? Here Is Everything We Know About Big Poppa
Big Poppa – whose real name is Lee Najjar – is the successful real estate manager behind Kim’s lavish way of life pre-Kroy.



  1. 2thec

    Thanks. I was wondering who he was for years.

  2. Mistress at Sur

    Kim really was the original sugar baby remember her Versace china and brand new Escalade??

    • Seriously?!

      Blecch who cares about Big Sloppa or Kim? She wasn’t any original anything. Just like millions if other women, just a broke as leech who opened her legs to a married man for money so she wouldn’t have to do actual work. Spare me – it’s called prostitution and it has been around forever.

      • Nana

        How about she took advantage of a situation where a dude will fork over cash for some company/sex? Trash her – trash him. He’s worse….he’s married

  3. WYKYK

    I believe she would love to land her daughters into a similar arrangement. Note, he never left his wife and is still with his wife to this day. That is why I think she has never evolved her “look”. It was how she made her living back in the day, it worked for her.

  4. Lil Mamma

    Maybe Kimmy has reached out to Big Poppa again since she seems to be hitting rock bottom w those empty boxes. Hmmm…

  5. Sugar sugar

    She may need to go back to big poppa again soon. With 6 kids to feed ?

  6. So bad

    Better question – who is big poops a wife?! ?

    • Me again

      Omg “poppas” ?


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