Tight leash…

May 26, 2022

From a DM:

I have some gossip.

I used to work for a company that used
Eric as a spokesperson. I had to interview him on camera for some online and social media content. He seemed straight up scared to be speaking to any woman besides his wife. He was very sweet but a pretty face is as far as it goes with him.

I also overheard him talking to his agent about a party his agent was trying to convince him to go to. He said “no it’s not a good look for me Jessie would
freak”. I think she has JUST had vivi around this time.

The rumors about the leash being super super tight on him are true. Allegedly!


  1. Hunka Love

    I’d keep a super tight leash on that man too. He’s hot and some fans don’t care if you’re married or not

  2. HW fan

    And yet there are rumors all over the place about him cheating and that they have an open marriage.

  3. Big Deck

    Not that it means much but I’m pretty sure he scored very high on the wonderlic test for getting drafted. Maybe not as dumb as he comes off?? Also a reminder to go check out JJD on Reddit for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet

  4. Ridiculous Conclusions

    I don’t know who these people are, but if I had just had a baby and my husband was a celebrity and tried to go to a party, yeah, I’d freak, too. Not because of a “tight leash” but because I’m home with a newborn and mama needs help and rest, too. And this person assumes he’s uncomfortable talking to women who aren’t his wife? But has nothing to support it? So it’s based on…what? Maybe this person isn’t good at their job. Maybe he was having an off day? Why is this the only reasonable conclusion?

  5. XO

    Not a JJF fan but I wouldn’t want my husband going to parties if I just had a baby either lol

    • XO



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