About that Oscar winner…

May 26, 2022

definitely guilty. made inappropriate advances on my friend who was his masseuse. this was years ago



  1. Em

    Kevin spacey?

  2. Becky G

    Kevin Spacey.

  3. Regina Falange

    Kevin spacey

  4. Oy vey all day

    He felt up a very innocent straight male friend of mine here in London about 20 years ago. The poor guy couldn’t understand what was going on! He extricated himself from the situation swiftly and left the party. It was well known that he did this allll the time

    • Disgusted

      Sounds similar to what he did to the teenager on Martha’s Vineyard. Kid went over to say hi because he was a fan and that happened. People tried to paint the kid like they always do with women. “Oh he secretly wanted it, he was looking for money, etc” As if fans don’t approach celebrities all the time without expectations of being molested.

  5. Kevin

    Disgusting Pig!

  6. WYKYK

    I know someone that is in advertising – commercial voiceovers with celebs. Refused to work with him. Apparently it was known for decades.

  7. bravowifey

    Joe Alwyn (Taylor Swift’s boyfriend) was one of his student victims in England, so sad.


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