The storm is coming…

May 25, 2022

Subject: The storm is coming

Spill It to
She bought off the DJ. She bought off the club
owners. They are never going to speak. She
convinced two cast members that it didn’t happen because the two sources aren’t the most reliable. She threatened the network and media with C&Ds. But……nothing has more resolve than a certain pair of lips.

See…she didn’t buy off the two who heard it. And
they have nothing left to lose in exposing her. Look
for the actions of her children to support the claims
that she said these things. Apples don’t fall far from

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and Cocktails (


  1. Ms. Rinna

    Kathy Hilton

  2. Pelo fan


    • Nikki

      But Garcelle is still close with her??? Doesn’t add up.

      • Kathy has always sucked

        Based off the blind it seems that she doesn’t believe it because garcelle doesn’t trust rinna/erika(and rightfully so)

        It sucks because from what I’ve seen from the Hilton’s this is absolutely plausible. But rinna and erika suck so hard it’s easy to discount them.

        Never forget Kathy sent her daughter to an abusive internment camp. She’s capable of being worse than “hunky dory”

  3. Harry’s Bolegnese

    Kathy Hilton. Who knew Rinnas lips would finally be good for something…..

  4. M

    And calling someone a slur in retaliation for being a d*ck to her is a million times less scandalous than what their Erika has done…stealing from orphans and windows. I hate that fat cow and hope criminal charges follow these civil suits. Fat, ugly, talentless bully. And Rinna is just as bad. Wish these two would be dropped. They can take human-trafficker Diana with them and Vile Kyle.

    • Coco

      Are you even ok?

    • Henny

      I agree ?

    • Nana

      You don’t call slurs when your angry …… trashy and black hearted ……we don’t need to compare awfulness.

  5. Jess

    Kathy Hilton

  6. Anon

    Kathy Hilton. Rinna and Erika have nothing to lose.

  7. Not buying it

    Clearly Kathy… but who is this coming from? Erica who wants the heat off her… Rinna who needs a storyline… hmmmmmm

    • The Clown

      (If true) The lips & the crook should both worry because if Kathy can do all this, she can ruin them. And I would love to see it.

  8. Let’s talk about there husband

    Yeah I just don’t believe Rinna with her “own it” bs when she doesn’t own anything. At this point it seems like a distraction from Lisa’s whole “rat” issue. I mean how else to make everyone forget that someone was bitten by a rat in your house? Go after Kathy Hilton of course!!!

    This is her playbook and it has been for years, the second someone come out that is off about her – she finds the closest person to push into the flames.

    • Dixcgirl

      No one hates Rinna and EJ more than I do, but the rat thing didn’t happen. It was an internet joke that got out of hand. Sheree herself says it didn’t happen.

  9. Paris

    Kathy Hilton and Rinna. Rinna is out to expose Kathy and has posted old videos of the Hilton kids using slurs.

  10. Mary

    Kathy Hilton

  11. depends model

    Did rinna write this? It’s like word for word what she’s been telling people

    • Liza Rhenna


  12. NTY

    LOOOL Rinna really does love writing into bravo & cocktails…hunny cmon, you can do better. This is just pathetic at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did actually happened but the fact Rinna is riding hard for this makes it less reliable

  13. Nana

    Read house of Hilton… gives the insight into how f*cked up big Kathy was and how nasty Kathy Hilton is… one who says stupid shit deserves a pass. F*ck her over

  14. Times up for KH

    If anyone saw “Paris in Love” you know that Kathy is a monster. Narcissistic, entitled, condescending and more. She is so gross. Hope Lisa mentions it all. “I don’t see color”

  15. Beat it

    I still think these two are idiots to f*ck with Kathy Hilton.

  16. Tessa

    I really believe this could be a vicious rumor started by jealous castmates to deflect on their lives.


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