The reason they’re not friends anymore…

May 25, 2022

From a DM:

No it was the racism scandal. Rachael
didn’t want to be involved especially
after the nazi chic picture resurfaced
and just totally bailed on stassi. I
believe they were growing apart anyway
but she totally bailed on Stass (and
Kristen for a little while).


  1. pzlxm

    Why is this written like it’s a bad thing? Who wants to be friends with a racist and difficult person? Byeeeeee

    • She sucks


    • Lol

      While I totally agree with you, have you seen some of the comments here? I mean, yikes.

      • Bravolover

        Who’s Rachael??

  2. Jax

    Rachael mentioned this on one of her podcast episodes, but it seemed like she did that to protect herself. But they had already fallen out, I’d like to know what that was. She even said something with that Zack guy (Brittany’s friend from Arkansas) that something happened that made them not want to go to the wrap party from that season of VPR

    • The Lo Down

      Stassi’s assistant, Lo French used to be close with Rachel. Apparently Lo tried to conduct some type of intervention and told Rachel’s parents she was an alcoholic. Thus, Rachel stopped being friends w Lo and anyone associated w her. Since Lo is Stassi’s ride or die, that was a major shift with them.
      Stassi’s racist behavior was just icing on the cake to not be her friend for Rachel.

  3. Jaimr

    She said on podcast that she didn’t know why they weren’t friends then switched the narrative after everything. So I don’t believe this based on racheals podcast.

  4. Alc?

    I thought they weren’t friends before the pandemic? Not a fan of stassi, but remember something about Rachael being an alcoholic and a toxic friend? Maybe both toxic now looking back lol but I believe someone alluded to Rachael trying to use Stassi or the show to push her comedy career

  5. Lazy Gray

    They fell out before this. In a podcast interview, Rachael sounded to be on the outs Summer of 2019 and was surprised to be invited to the small engagement celebration at LVP’s that was filmed for the show.

    Seems like the weird assistant drama and rehab stints were more to blame for their fall out.


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