Petty but posting…

May 25, 2022

Whoever sent this in is petty AF lol

From: Stinky Poop

Subject: Lux Neighborhood Dark Smell

Spill It to
Madison moved to a posh neighborhood in
Charleston where TRav and Kathryn once lived.
Her house is right next to the sewage plant and
STINKS in the summer.
The poor production will only smell dumps.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo
and Cocktails (


  1. Over Muppet Baby

    Why would a posh neighborhood be near the dump? That’s weird….. that’s suspicious ? Did Austen send this in?

  2. H

    This is petty but it’s true. I looked up the address and the water treatment plant is .2 miles away from her new house.

    • Austen is trash

      Doing the lords work, thank you ?

  3. Is that you, muppet mouth?

    Ha, definitely petty. Anyone who is curious can Google “Daniel Island” and see how exclusive it is. It is near the paper plant, which does stink, but DI doesn’t stink any more or less than the rest of the Charleston area, depending on which way the wind blows.

    • CharlestonBlonde

      Thank you!! Someone is being very petty! DI is a beautiful place!!

    • Chs local

      Haha, Daniel Island is beautiful and exclusive. Not sure if you’ve ever been to CHS before but depending on the time the entire county smells lol

  4. CharlestonRealEstate

    Her home is on Daniel Island which is a beautiful high end community on the water in Charleston. There is a plant across the river that isn’t the most pleasant smell but I agree with “depending on which way the wind blows” I’m on Daniel Island showing homes regularly and have never noticed a smell.
    Def a petty comment!

  5. JP

    I live in that neighborhood and it definitely does not stink. It’s one of the most exclusive communities in all of Charleston. Whoever sent this is very petty.

  6. DI on the board

    The backend of the neighborhood totally smells in the summer bc it is the only place they could put the sewage plant. Ha ha I bet her neighbor posted this!

  7. Charleston Local

    You can smell the sewage all the way in West Ashley, this is super petty! A lot of Charleston smells especially in the summer ?

  8. Def from some dumb girl

    Prob Kathryn. Ugh. Wish they’d stop with her. And Venita. And Naomi.

  9. RealhousewifeofDI

    I have lived on Daniel Island for 10 years and I’m about 5 minutes from Madison’s new home. There is a paper mill right over the bride from us and depending on how the wind blows, we get wafts of foul smells from time to time. We also get smells from the Pluff mud that is in the marshes that surround us. It’s all part of the charm of living in the Low Country.


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