About a young rapper..

May 25, 2022

From a DM:

My best friend is friends with his
producer. His manager goes
everywhere with him which isn’t
unusual but is also pretty convenient. It
obviously can’t be a known thing since
he is up and coming and is an eligible
bachelor if you will. He has a couple
lyrics that possibly reference it as well.
Of course he has to be seen flirting with
other celebrities so as not to raise
questions and make it appear as
though he is playing the field.


  1. Natushka

    Jack Harlow?

    • LA

      That’s what I’m thinking

  2. Lindsay

    What’s the tea here? Am I missing something? lol

    • Harlowshoes

      Agree!!! What is the tea here?! Are we missing part of this??

      • MwithanE

        I think a young rapper is not a heterosexual

    • Confused in AZ

      Same! What am I missing?!

      • #1Fan

        My guess is he is hooking up with his hot female manager.

  3. meg

    Jack Harlow.

    I’ve listened to his full album a few times and caught lyrics that insinuated this but thought I was misinterpreting the lyrics. Per Google, he has a male manager, Chris Thomas.


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