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May 24, 2022

Subject: Tequila Does not make you Happy Anywhere

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My husband is a professional athlete and he is close
with a Nashville songwriter. That songwriter told him that B Cheated on M And she was devastated.

But a co-professional athlete in my husbands line of work is close with B via his hunting lodge and he said B told him he was cheated on and he was devastated. Said that B gave M 24 hours to move everything out of their Oklahoma home!!!

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  1. SDL

    Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert

  2. Duh

    This isn’t breaking news – Miranda is a well known cheater/home wrecker

    • Sarah

      My college roommate’s mom used to work on Blake’s tours when he was married to first wife before Miranda and were very close family friends. He cheated on his first wife and my friend’s mom found out and quit. He’s a cheater just as much as Miranda.

    • LG

      As is he….

    • Jess

      Like Blake cheated on his wife?? Let’s not just blame the woman here ??

    • J

      The term homewrecker needs to be retired forever unless it’s referring to THE CHEATER ?

      • No lies

        Miranda cheated with Even Felker am who was married and then straight stalked his wife out of jealousy. She is indeed a homewrecker as she cheated on Blake too who gave her 24 hours to move out.

  3. MM

    My guess based on her songs is she cheated. Vice was super telling, and the fact that she moved out and relocated her business seems to imply some guilt.

    • Ariel

      She didn’t write Vice. It was written by a well known songwriter in Nashville who has written tons of hits.

      • Someone who knows

        She did write Vice and she has cheated on every guy she was ever in a relationship with. Co-writer on Vice said he could not believe she wanted to put that out there it made her look so bad but she insisted. She has always been and still is trash.

  4. Keeperoftheflame

    Blake and Miranda! He totally played it like she was the cheater. I remember when they broke up, tmz had a photo of all her stuff outside. Never liked him after that, because it was clear he sent it. She wrote her best album after that, can’t wait for the next one.

    • Areyouthekeeperoftheflame?

      She just came out with a new album and had another one last year

  5. Yawn

    Please. All of Nashville has always known Miranda did the stepping out and it was with a married man at the time. Why are we still on this?

    • Gotta know

      Who was it?

  6. Meg

    Miranda was the cheater and still is…

  7. Mookie Spookie

    Miranda hated Oklahoma and everything about it. Blake needed to be the constant center of attention. He also hated that she had so many rescue animals. I’m glad she cheated on him. He sucks.

  8. Double Standards Much

    Blake was well known for his cheating habits too. In 2011, when Blake was on the casino circuit, a girlfriend and I met him and hung out on the tour bus for a bit. He ended up sleeping with my girlfriend, while I was left to awkwardly hang out with his tour manager – super nice guy btw. Always hated that Miranda got all the bad press when he was off doing his own thing.


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