Smile Shady…

May 24, 2022

ANON: so my coworker has a second
job working in a medical office. Well,
just so happens, the office next door is
owned/operated by Mr. S|-de Sm—.
She’s unsure how involved he really is in
the office but they had a meeting with
him last year with the hopes they would
refer clients to his office. Oh, the best
part is the office is a sexual
rejuvenation type place. My friend said
there is never ANY patients in the
office, sometimes it’s not even open.
But her & her boss think it’s some type
of money laundering scheme
ALLEGEDLY. There’s no reach outs,
patients or any type of promoting the
business on a public platform.


  1. Marshall

    Ehhhh, leave Marshall alone!

    • Sonja's Intern

      Not sure if you’re joking, but this is about Slade Smiley, not Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers/Eminem.

  2. Marli

    Hmmm…maybe it’s a front for a swingers club…


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