Married for money!!

May 24, 2022

From: New Jersey
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Married for money!

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I know one of the ladies filming for RHONJ, I think
they’re saying friend of?! She married for money. She would tell anyone who listened she wasn’t
even attracted to her husband when they were
engaged. Okay… do you boo lol

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    My guess is Rachel. I’ve heard this before too. Her husband isn’t good looking and is older than her.

    • NJ

      I’m torn on if it’s Rachel….he doesn’t seem that much older. If I found the right Fuda’s on google, she’s 31 and he’s 34. None of the newbies filming for NJ have husbands more than 2-3 years older….

  2. Nana

    Welcome to any cute lady in NY/NJ/CT married to a rich dude……totally the personality

    When I look around an NJ country club….50% women in that bucket

    • NJ Resident


      • Nana

        Def also a chunk of mobbed up people in pasta sauce and laundry biz……


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