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May 22, 2022

The OG of the OC says the reason her marriage failed to Donn is because he “didn’t like her kids”. She said that ruined her marriage. She said it at a live show. Allegedly.

* yes he visits Briana often. This is what Vicki said at a live show. Doesn’t mean it’s true ? it’s just true that it was said by her at a live show!


  1. Karen

    Nope. He has a great relationship with Brianna. He was just there visiting a few weeks ago.

    • Dixcgirl

      Exactly! And that certainly didn’t make her breakup with Brooks, now did it? Vickie is ridiculous. And who is paying to see her “live”???

    • Melissa

      He also visits Michael in Hawaii a lot. They consider Donn their Dad.

      • Revisionist Historian

        Wait he does? I knew he visits Brianna, but I thought Donn & Michael did not have a relationship. Vicki is a classic history revisionist.

  2. Juicy

    I think she is re-writing the narrative. She always complained her love tank wasn’t full.

    Donn still visits with her daughter and grandkids so I don’t believe this.

  3. KPS

    Lies or he wouldn’t still be in Briana’s life. I think he and Michael didn’t get along well; however telling everyone (including all Bravo watchers) that he doesn’t fill your love tank…that probably has more to do with the divorce.

    • Karma Juice

      We all know it ain’t true Don is the most dragged person in the OC and Vicki wanting him back cause the grass isn’t greener many times over is just sad

  4. Nope

    Lol and that’s why he still has a relationship with Briana and her kids and visits them often, because he didn’t like her. Sure Jan.

  5. Say what now?

    Huh? That’s not what they said on the show. Briana and Donn even had a relationship after the divorce. Vicks really needs to sit down and find some contentment in her life. Geez…

  6. Ryan this you?

    Doesn’t Donn visit the kids often? Especially Briana?

  7. LK

    Him spending so much time w/Brianna & family says otherwise.

    • Laurie

      Hmmmm. Pretty sure that whole cheating with Brooks thing was the real reason. This makes me glad Donn got a ton of money from her. He deserves more.

  8. Christina

    But he visits Brianna regularly!?!

  9. FakeNews

    Yet he hangs with them??

  10. Cut the crap!

    Such BS!! Don adores them, Briana even more. He hangs out with them and the kids all the time. I see it on their IG. He just didn’t fill her love tank anymore, how she says it.

  11. Vicky please.

    And yet she GROVELED after a man that sexually harassed her daughter. Don’t say it’s about the kids if it’s not about the kids.

  12. Brandy

    She is the absolute worst!!

  13. OGLIAR

    She’s such a liar!! She really needs to find some joy in her life.

  14. JC

    I am so ready for this woman to go away. Vicky is a liar, a crook, a misogynist and a con artist. Yuck.

    • LazyGray

      We know that’s not the real reason they divorced but on the show many seasons ago, Brianna said she didn’t really have a relationship with Don and it started during the divorce. Michael has responded to comments on Instagram that he & Don never got along and Don never once said he loved him.

  15. Lisa

    She is a very unhappy woman. She is in search of what will make her happy and when she finds it she still isn’t happy

  16. Shhh…

    She just hates that the Bravo community still loves him.

  17. A Family Van

    But didn’t Vicki tell Gina (or maybe another hw) that she wished she’d fought harder for her marriage with Donn? Also that he was a good man…

    *cue me going to pull up the episode

  18. Liar liar pants on fire

    They both cheated! Brooks was emailing Vickie asking her to divorce Don and that he loved her years before she actually did. Brianna found it. If you are going to be on a reality show and have your daughter on multiple reunions, you should probably stick to the facts Vickie


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