Intimate concert in Lake Oconee…

May 22, 2022

Subject: Hunter Hayes

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A friend of mine is at Reynolds in Lake Oconee and she attended an intimate concert by Hunter Hayes last night.

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  1. Country C List

    Ok well Hunter hayes is definitely not playing a pre-wedding show for JLo so clearly that’s out ?

    • Who knows

      Could it be some bachelor/bachelorette filming?

    • Secret Love

      It must be Simon then ?

    • No way

      Seriously lol I was coming to say the same. JLO would never hire him. She probably doesn’t even know him lol

  2. AM

    Of this is Simon he really didn’t need to go through the trouble. Lol, who cares.

  3. RL

    It’s nothing. Reynolds always has people like that perform. He definitely wasn’t performing for “a wedding” ?


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