More on that wedding…

May 21, 2022

This is true! I have it on v good authority that, because they just bought a million dollar house, they’re going to have to downsize the wedding unless bravo will pay for it.



  1. Gina bo Beana

    Why would Bravo pay for her wedding when she refuses to even have her fiancé on the show and subsequently was demoted for it? Makes no sense. You can’t have your cake and eat it too Madison.

  2. Help me I’m poor

    Teresa and “reformed” Louis

  3. Yomamma

    Madison I assume

  4. TRV

    Teresa and I don’t care. If Bravo gives that to her they’re just rewarding bad behavior. Then again, it’s about business and ratings.

  5. Kari

    I’m guessing Madison from Southern Charm?

  6. Ed

    Could this be RHONJ? I thought Louie had money.

  7. TheLadyofBravo

    Bravo doesn’t pay for weddings. Stassi talked about it on The Morning Toast. All they pay for is an extra day at the location so that they can set up and room and board for the crew. Everything else wedding related is paid by the couple.

  8. Lynn


  9. Southern Charm Fan

    Well I would think it would be hard to get Bravo to even help with the wedding when her guy wouldn’t film on Southern charm. The audience isn’t invested ?‍♀️ Paige and Craig would be an example of a wedding we would want to see.

  10. Curious

    What was the original blind? I missed it.


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